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Green Chemistry and Materials for Medical Applications

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04 July 2024

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Enyew Amare Zereffa, Adama Science & Technology University
[email protected]

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Green Chemistry and Materials for Medical Applications

Green chemistry involves the development of chemical products and processes that reduce the generation of hazardous and discarded substances. Green methods are getting more demand in various sectors to promote acceptable activities that do not affect environment during the production of materials.

This collection targeted to explore the current green methods available for the synthesis of nanomaterials, biomaterials, and composites for various medical applications. Hence, the purpose of this series is to bring the most recent green synthesis and processing information to the readers from researchers across the world actively working in the area.

Potential topics, which should all relate back to medical applications, that can be submitted include but are not limited to:

  • Biogenic synthesis of medicinal compounds, nanomaterials, biomaterials or composites
  • Low temperature synthesis
  • Synthesis and processing using green solvents
  • Catalytic synthesis
  • Processing and formulation by green techniques

Dr. Enyew Amare Zereffa is Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Adama Science and Technology University. He received his PhD in chemistry (2013) from Andhra university within the are of solid state chemistry. Dr. Zereffa worked in the position of Associate Dean for Research Project Management, associate editor in chief of Ethiopian Journal and scientific ethical committee member of Applied Natural Sciences. He also served in Dilla University in the academic ranks of lecturer and assistant professor, and Department Head of Chemistry.

He is teaching and advising undergraduate and graduate students, conducting research in the area of his interest: solid catalyst development, synthesis of inorganic/composite medicinal materials by green methods and ceramic fabrication for different environmental applications. He is supervising graduate students and published over 50 scientific papers in various peer-reviewed journals. He is the recent recipient of the John C. Warner Early Career Researcher Prize.

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