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Drug Delivery

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Recent Research into Magnetically Addressable Nanotherapies and Improved Imaging Techniques

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04 December 2023

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Prof. Juan C. Cruz, Universidad de Los Andes

Prof. Carolina Muñoz-Camargo, Universidad de Los Andes

Prof. Luis H. Reyes, Universidad de Los Andes

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Recent Research into Magnetically Addressable Nanotherapies and Improved Imaging Techniques

Magnetically addressable nanotherapies are a rapidly evolving and widely applicable platform for targeted drug delivery. These technologies hold significant promise in treating cancers, infectious diseases, and inflammatory disorders, among many others. However, the clinical development of magnetically addressable nanotherapies has been limited by their inability to come across physiological barriers to deliver therapeutic agents to target cells. The purpose of this article collection is therefore to describe the most recent advances in the development of magnetically addressable nanotherapies with the purpose of reaching eventual clinical translation. The engineering of such nanoplatforms is key to providing the pharma industry with tools to enhance the potency of therapies that have been removed in the later stages of their pipeline due to bioavailability issues upon administration. This could also help in the important task of repurposing pharmacological compounds, saving billions of dollars in drug discovery investments. In addition, as magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are increasingly being used as imaging agents, there is an increasing need to develop MNPs with imaging capabilities explicitly tailored for different organs and tissues such as the blood vessels, heart, and brain.

We are accepting research articles, short communications, and reviews with particular emphasis on:
• Novel smart magnetic nanosystems with stimuli-responsive capabilities
• New surface engineering routes of magnetic nanosystems to control the delivery of bioactive cargoes across different physiological barriers
• Recent developments on pharmacological formulations based on magnetic nanomaterials
• Multifunctional magnetic platforms for transporting cargoes and assuring higher bioavailability at the target site
• Clinical translation routes of magnetic nanosystems for diagnostics and delivery applications
• The use of magnetic nanoplatforms for innovative medical imaging approaches

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