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Nature and Science of Sleep

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Dreaming of Victory: The Influence of Sleep on Athletic Performance

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30 September 2024

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Assoc. Prof. Matthew Driller, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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Dreaming of Victory: The Influence of Sleep on Athletic Performance

The intricate relationship between sleep and athletic performance is an emerging field of interest within sports science and medicine. This Article Collection seeks to explore and deepen our understanding of how sleep impacts the physical and mental capabilities of athletes. We aim to address the dynamic interplay between sleep patterns and athletic performance, acknowledging the crucial role that rest and recovery play in achieving peak performance levels.

Recent studies underscore the significance of sleep as a cornerstone of athletic recovery and performance enhancement. Insufficient or disrupted sleep can severely impair cognitive functions, mood, and physiological recovery, leading to decreased performance and increased injury risk. However, there is a pressing need for evidence-based interventions and strategies tailored to the unique lifestyle and stressors of this population. This call for research aims to fill the gap in our current understanding and provide actionable insights for athletes, coaches, and practitioners.

We invite contributions that shed light on the multifaceted relationship between sleep and athletic performance. Submissions may cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to:

  • The effects of sleep quality and quantity on physical performance.
  • The impact of travel, training schedules, and psychological stress on sleep patterns.
  • The effectiveness of various sleep intervention strategies tailored for athletes.
  • The importance of napping on cognitive performance.

We welcome original research articles, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses that contribute to our understanding of how to optimize sleep for enhancing athletic performance and recovery.

By focusing on intervention research, this collection aims to offer new perspectives and evidence-based recommendations to improve sleep health among elite athletes. We encourage submissions from a diverse array of disciplines to foster a holistic understanding of the topic.

This call for papers represents an exciting opportunity for researchers and practitioners to advance the science of sleep and athletic performance. Join us in contributing to a specialized Collection that promises to inform best practices and foster innovative approaches to athlete health and well-being.

Submission Instructions:

Please submit your manuscript through the Dovepress website. During submission, enter the promo code EABZJ to indicate that your article should be considered for this Collection.

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo full peer-review; the Guest Advisor will not be handling submitted articles. Please review the journal’s aims and scope and author submission instructions prior to submission.

The manuscript submission deadline is 30 September 2024.

If you have any questions about this Article Collection, please contact Krista Thom at [email protected].

Guest Advisor:

Matt Driller is an Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. As a sports physiologist, he has been involved in a range of sports across several age groups, and has worked with national and world championship teams. He was a sports physiologist for the Australian Paralympic Team at the London Games in 2012, and has been selected as a recovery physiologist for the Australian Paralympic team for the Paris 2024 Games. His academic research focuses on fatigue, recovery, and sleep in elite athletes.

Disclosure Statement: Assoc. Prof. Driller declares no conflict of interest.

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