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International Journal of Nanomedicine

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DNA Nanotechnology Direction Towards Biomedical Applications

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30 November 2024

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Oleg Lunov, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
[email protected]

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DNA Nanotechnology Direction Towards Biomedical Applications

DNA nanotechnology showed remarkable advancement in various applications in biomedicine such as biosensing, drug delivery, cell modulation and bioimaging. However, it is crucial to understand how DNA nanostructures interact with living cells and the consequences of such interactions. It would be worthy for the journal to consider a collection of articles summarizing the current knowledge on the interactions of DNA nanostructures with cells. There is a number of recent reviews on the interactions of DNA nanostructures with cells; however, they are all from the physicochemical perspective. It would be beneficial to provide critical biomedical analysis that is crucial for the progress towards the clinical translation of DNA nanostructures.

Evidence from extensive research in the past years has indicated that our current approach to the biomedical applicability of conventional nanomaterials is broken, significantly hampering the clinical translation of nanomedicines. Self-assembled DNA nanostructures (DNs) offers unique opportunities to overcome persistent challenges in the nanobiotechnology field. However, the interactions between engineered DNs and living cells are still not well defined. Therefore, such collection of articles will be of great interest for both the wider community of academic and company researchers working in DNA nanostructures research and development, as well as for scientists using DNs in physical, biological and chemical studies.

Additionally, the collection will appeal to the wider community of academic and company researchers working in DNA nanostructures research and development, as well as for scientists using DNA nanostructures (DNs) in physical, biological and chemical studies.

Tentative topics to be discussed:

Current progress in synthesis and characterization of DNA nanostructures

To discuss importance of the DNA nanostructures (DNs). To provide readers towards architectural diversity of DNs and their biomedical applications. To indicate the knowledge gaps that are still present on the field. To provide set of papers on current progress in synthesis of novel DNA nanostructures.

Protein corona and its impact on DNA nanostructures

To guide readers to the problem of protein corona formation over DNs. To show how formation of protein corona dramatically affects designed biological properties of DNs. To highlight the importance of protein corona for the design and optimization of DNs.

Analysis of DNA nanostructure cytotoxicity and adverse reactions

To provide critical systematization of current knowledge of cytotoxicity of DNs. To systematize tested cell models, identify persistent knowledge gaps and provide outlook for future research towards designing better and safer DNs.

Analysis of DNA nanostructures interactions with cells and perspectives for biomedical applications

To provide systematic analysis and summarization of what is currently known on DNs uptake by cells and what kind of cellular responses are affected upon DNs engulfment. To underline novel DNs as perspective materials for biomedical applications. To highlight applications of DNs in biology and medicine.





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