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Project management in the changing healthcare context

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30 November 2024

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Associate Professor Zhanming Liang, James Cook University, Australia
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Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche, James Cook University, Australia
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Project management in the changing healthcare context

Dove Medical Press is pleased to invite you to submit your research to an upcoming Article Collection on "Project management in the changing healthcare context" in the Journal of Healthcare Leadership.

It is a global phenomenon that healthcare systems and organizations have been pressured to adopt innovative and effective tools to manage service delivery. Since its inception in the early 1900s, project management has become a systematic management tool bringing people and resources together to achieve specific purposes. Its popularity in health and community services has significantly increased in the last two decades to enable implementation of changes and service innovation, achieve service improvement, and trailing new ideas and service models.  Project management has changed from being a management tool with limited use by project managers to becoming a common method embedded in the general management and strategies of organizations. However, the significant changes in the scope and complexity of projects have brought significant uncertainty and volatility and the changing economic, demographic, technological, social, cultural, legal and political environments have influenced how projects are designed, delivered and evaluated.

The growing importance of projects in health and community services has been evident over the past twenty years. The unique characteristics of projects provide opportunities to create new knowledge and techniques that improve practice, and capture learnings to inform future project design.  Projects brings together many different occupational groups, functional areas of the organization and resources to achieve the specific objectives, enriching the understanding of stakeholder engagement, teamwork effectiveness and relationship management. Learnings from the project design, planning, implementation and evaluation processes and project management experiences in health and community care are important to maximize the contribution of project management in improving health service efficiency.  Such learnings may include factors that are critical to project success, tested tools and techniques that improve project effectiveness and efficiency, application of project management in innovation and digital health adoption, and developing team dynamics involving wide range of roles, skills and expertise.

The Article Collection will explore recent changes and evidence in the application of project and project management in the health sector and provide the most relevant guidance to health professionals, trainers and researchers who are involved in leading and managing project work and developing project management competencies by covering the following sub-topics:

  • Project application and case examples
    • Tools and techniques
    • Project management competency requirements
    • Competency development and training curriculum
    • Project career pathway
    • Project critical success factors
  • Project management challenges
  • Virtual Project Teams
  • Project evaluation examples
  • Project management in innovation and digital health adoption

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo a full peer-review; the Guest Advisors for this collection will not be handling the manuscripts (unless they are an Editorial Board member). Please review the journal scope and author submission instructions prior to submitting a manuscript.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 30 November 2024.

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