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Legal Studies in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Transdisciplinary Dialogue

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19 November 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Cristina Elena Popa Tache, European Society of International Law
[email protected]

Dr. Cătălin-Silviu Săraru, Bucharest University of Economic Studies Romanian Academy of Scientists
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Legal Studies in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Transdisciplinary Dialogue

Cogent Social Sciences is pleased to invite you to submit your research to the upcoming Article Collection “Legal Studies in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Transdisciplinary Dialogue” for the Law, Criminology & Criminal Justice Section organized by Guest Advisors Professor Dr. Cristina Elena Popa Tache and Professor Dr. Cătălin-Silviu Săraru.


In an era where the boundaries between law, technology, and society blur with unprecedented intensity, the traditional realms of legal studies undergo a profound transformation. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only revolutionizes the way legal systems operate and shapes the future of jurisprudence, but also defines the essence of societal progress.

Without a doubt, technology is the primary driver of profound transformations, and our laws must constantly adapt to prove their efficacy. This is not merely a collection of academic works; it is a manifestation of the courage to master unexplored territories of knowledge, and to transcend them in the pursuit of the most suitable methods of scientific inquiry.

Why is this collection important? Because it situates us in the midst of a unique wave of evolution. Here, emerging paradigms demand a dynamic and flexible response. There is a redesigning of the ethical and philosophical foundations of law, of legal responsibility, a redefinition of how we perceive and practice law. The curiosity of the researcher is the catalyst for transformation within the legal community, a call to action for innovation, collaboration, and exploration at a time when only the brave and open-minded can guide change towards a brighter and more equitable future for all.

This editorial collection aims to highlight new developments on AI and (international) law through a transdisciplinary dialogue. The topics and sub-topics are related but not limited to: the application of law and the potential development of new more appropriate regulations and new sub-branches of law, technological changes and international law, developments in the field of global peace, combating terrorism and security, human rights or regulation of international investments. Through a careful selection of these analyses, the collection aims to contribute to the generation of new insights for the contemporary legal and academic community.


Comparative studies highlighting similarities, differences and lessons learned, as well as theoretical and/or empirical contributions exploring the following themes, are welcome:

  • Cyber crimes versus cyber deterrence.
  • Legal implications of machine learning and decision algorithms in judicial decision making.
  • The new perspectives on data protection and information security.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence on access to justice and equity in the legal system.
  • Exploring the ways in which blockchain technology can transform legal practice and procedures.
  • The legal challenges of using facial recognition and voice recognition technologies.
  • Transdisciplinary perspectives on the interaction between law and technology, with an emphasis on collaboration between fields such as computer science, philosophy, social sciences and humanities.
  • Shaping the regulation of the use of new technologies in our society.


Guest Advisor Cristina Elena Popa Tache is a professor of international law and communications and new technologies law, member in COST Actions and TD Researcher, working on Faculty of psychology, behavioral and juridical sciences, Andrei Saguna University, Romania. She is speaker of prestigious international conferences, member of CIRET (Paris) and 4 years Co-Chair of the European Society of International Law, IG International Business and Human Rights, Florence, Italy. She is the author of monographs on international law and has written over 100 academic articles, a member of the organizing committees of numerous international scientific events and editor-in-chief of the International Investment Law Journal, associate editor of Cogent Social Sciences, etc.

Guest Advisor Cătălin-Silviu Săraru is Associate Professor Habilitated at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania, where he specializes in administrative law and comparative public law. He is Arbitrator at the Vienna International Arbitral Centre Court (VIAC), Editor in Chief of the Juridical Tribune (indexed in Clarivate Analytics and Scopus) and Perspectives of Law and Public Administration; member in the Edito-rial Board of several scientific journals: International Law Research (ILR) - Toronto, Canada; Studia Iuridica Lublinensia – Lublin, Poland; Lex localis – Journal of Local Self-Government - Maribor, Slovenia; President of the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences and member in Société de législation comparée, Research Network on EU Administrative Law (ReNEUAL); organizer of numerous international conferences: Perspectives of Business Law in the Third Millennium, Contemporary Challenges in Administrative Law from an Interdisciplinary Perspective, Contemporary Approaches in Banking and Financial Law, Conference on Comparative and International Law.

Disclosure Statement: Guest Advisors Dr. Cristina Elena Popa Tache and Dr. Cătălin-Silviu Săraru declare no conflict of interest regarding this work.

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