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The beat goes on: improving health equity in cardiovascular disease

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02 December 2023

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Professor Joe Thomas, Institute of Health & Management, Australia

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The beat goes on: improving health equity in cardiovascular disease

Our modern lifestyles can put a unique stress on the heart. Changes to the way that societies work and socialize means that the heart endures a different way of living – particularly in comparison to times gone by. It is the maintenance of the whole vascular system that ensures the heart can provide humans with a quality of life and longevity worth seeking, but both internal and external factors can play a role in how well the heart is cared for.

In this Article Collection, groups receiving inequitable cardiovascular care should be stratified. Once identified, those working in cardiovascular health and related fields can strategize on how to improve equity in this area of medicine. This could include changes at multiple different points in the healthcare process, even before a cardiovascular disease emerges. Moreover, the impact the wider society can have on factors known to affect cardiovascular health, such as nutrition or physical activity, will also be of value to practitioners and patients alike.

Reducing the gap in equity is important across all areas of medicine. Particularly for cardiovascular health, when thought, research and theory are combined with compassion, dedication and advocation, all patients and their hearts can be provided with high-quality care.

This Article Collection will solicit manuscripts related to the following subjects. However, we welcome all submissions related to the umbrella topic of health equity and cardiovascular disease.

  • Identification of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and equity within these groups
  • Timeliness and accuracy of diagnosis
  • Eligibility for certain cardiovascular disease treatments and equitable access (including Clinical Trials)
  • Outcomes of cardiovascular disease because of equity or inequity
  • Protocols for improving the quality and equity of care within clinical settings

The following Article Types will be considered: basic and clinical, as well as epidemiological original research, meta-analyses, systematic and scoping reviews, narrative reviews, and commentaries.

When submitting your article, please select the Article Collection, ‘The beat goes on: improving health equity in cardiovascular disease’ from the drop-down menu on the submission system.

If you require any assistance making your submission, or would like to make a query about the Article Collection, please contact the Commissioning Editor for Cogent Public Health, Darcy Hodge, at [email protected].

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