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Metaverse Applications for Businesses

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20 December 2023

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Associate Professor Balan Sundarakani, The University of Wollongong in Dubai
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Metaverse Applications for Businesses

Metaverse has the capability to create a Virtual Avatar of physical systems by connecting the facets of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) (Dwivedi et al. 2022). As there has been much hype existing in the domain of “metaverse”, there seems to be an impactful benefit of the associated technological advancement to all aspects of businesses.

As the field is being transformed, there are varying perceptions about it (Setiawan and Anthony, 2022). There are grey areas existing in the field because the Metaverse domain is nascent. There will be challenges, opportunities, and risks existing from socio-technological to governance perspectives as the meta platform providers design and develop the capability for organizations and end users to create their own virtual avatars (Belk et al. 2022).

The subject of this research is very important in this current time, where the digital transformation of various activities is happening at a phenomenal pace. The intersection between Metaverse and Blockchain might bring an added advantage to potential business enterprises who wish to make competition irrelevant and to create some initial story around the adoption of metaverse.

There is a paradoxical view of emerging theories which both support and contradict the forms of ownership that the metaverse delivers in terms of fractional ownership and fractionalized property rights (Golf-Papez et cl, 2022). Such a radical business model would need to be studied in order to provide regulations around these themes and to enhance the security of the platform(Sparkes, 2021; Hirsch, 2022).

In this Article Collection, we invite articles from Business and Management domains of research. We would like to encourage authors to submit papers on empirically based case studies, modelling, action research and conceptual investigations into the ongoing transformation of the metaverse to clarify research directions for the future.

The following topical points are a guide and authors are welcomed to contact the Editor if their papers might fall outside the list of suggested topics:

• Studies comprising the governance aspects of metaverse in the business setup in web 3.0
• Potential of the metaverse for businesses to contribute to goal 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Report
• Early case studies and bibliometric articles to demonstrate success and failure stories. These might include studies showing the importance of having quality standards and frameworks in doing business in the metaverse
• Roles and opportunities of digital technologies in business and management applications for the metaverse. These might be for aiding recovery from the post COVID-19 pandemic and overcoming the limitations of physical environments
• Abilities and preparedness of organizations to create virtual avatars for physical business models
• Introduction and disruption of new products and technological innovations from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, Extended Reality (ER), Virtual Environment and Virtual Reality (VR)
• Metaverse as a tool (MAAT) and metaverse as a platform (MAAP) for
• Interfaces between blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse for security and safety aspects with interoperability and scalability features
• Sustainable operations and supply chain management in metaverse situation
• End-to-end supply chain feasibility under meta-avatar and digital twinning conditions.
• Security and privacy issues of metaverse adoption
• Ethical behaviours of users around the metaverse
• Business and Management studies revolving around the reputational risks of businesses in the metaverse
• Theoretical development in the metaverse for theory advancement.
• Research from all functions of business and management: Marketing, Finance, CSR, Operations, Supply chain, Organization and Behavioural studies focused around the metaverse.
• Early conceptual papers in the form of frameworks and reviews are also welcomed for setting the roadmap for future research.
• Industry practitioners are welcomed to submit their opinion papers; these will also be peer reviewed as per the journal guidelines.

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