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Climate Change and Ophthalmology

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01 November 2024

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Dr. Scott Fraser, Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Ophthalmology

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Climate Change and Ophthalmology

Our climate is changing. The science behind this is irrefutable. We live on a planet that we are finely evolved to live on, and changes to our planet's climate therefore threaten us. There is already an increasing research base linking health issues with climate change but less work has been done on the threat to our eyes and visual system from these changes.

As climate change creates an increasingly hostile environment our vision becomes increasingly important. If climate change brings more eye disease, visual impairment and blindness then we need to urgently look at ways to mitigate this and at the same time prepare for it. Healthcare systems and eyecare charities need to know the eye diseases that will be most affected by climate change and move resources into those areas. As animal and plant migration occur in response to a changing environment practitioners need to be aware that eye diseases they have never encountered may appear. It is therefore vital that research efforts and academic publications address these issues - hence this special series.

Papers are welcomed that deal with any areas related to climate change and eye care. From original research to reviews, all article types are welcome. From treatment trials to healthcare delivery to ideas for new treatments to service delivery to ideas of how society and individuals might adapt to a greater burden of visual impairment and blindness, the whole breadth and depth of ophthalmology and eye care is welcome.

Submission Instructions:

Please submit your manuscript through the Dovepress website. During submission, enter the promo code YCEAX to indicate that your article should be considered for this Collection.

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo full peer-review; Guest Advisors will not be handling submitted articles. Please review the journal’s aims and scope and author submission instructions prior to submission. Standard Article Publishing Charges apply.

The manuscript submission deadline is 1 November 2024.

If you have any questions about this Article Collection, please contact Krista Thom at [email protected].

Guest Advisor:

Scott Fraser has been a doctor for 35 years and an NHS ophthalmologist for over 30 of those years. He has been actively involved in all aspects of research and is the founding editor of Clinical Ophthalmology. His major interest is now climate change and health, and he is the author of "Your Health When the Climate Changes" from Black Spring Press. He is passionate about our planet and how we can protect it, hence this series in Dove Press.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Fraser declares no conflict of interest.

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