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Cell Adhesion & Migration

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Tumor Cell Migration

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01 March 2024

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Bruce R. Zetter, Harvard Medical School
[email protected]

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Tumor Cell Migration

Cell migration is essential to several critical aspects of tumor development. Migration is crucial for the invasion of tumor cells across basement membranes and through connective tissue. It is also important for the passage of tumor cells into and out of both lymphatic channels and blood vessels, a necessary component of tumor dissemination. Understanding and modulating tumor cell migration could slow tumor progression and prevent important components of tumor metastasis which is associated with cancer morbidity and mortality.

Many advances in our understanding of tumor cell migration have been made in the past decade.  These include a better understanding of the signaling mechanisms that induce and maintain the motile state, and of the alterations in cytoskeletal dynamics and cellular protrusions that occur during migration. Progress has also been made in the development of biomarkers of tumor cell migration as well as inhibitors of the migratory phenotype that have anti-cancer activity. These topics will be addressed in this Article Collection along with real-time measurement of cell movement and cell stiffness, as well as the contribution of the tumor microenvironment to tumor cell migration.

This Article Collection should serve as an up-to-date compendium of the most current work in this important field and serve as an impetus to future studies and to future cancer treatments.

Bruce Zetter is Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology at Harvard Medical School.

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