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Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing

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Remote Sensing Applications in Support of Sustainability and Risk Mitigation in Agriculture

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30 June 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Heather McNairn, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Dr. Keshav Singh , Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Dr. Saeid Homayouni, Centre for Water, Earth, and Environment at the institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)

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Remote Sensing Applications in Support of Sustainability and Risk Mitigation in Agriculture

For decades, satellites have been monitoring crop production. The challenges now facing agriculture, driven by climate change and growing demands to advance social and environmental sustainability goals, are driving new innovations in remote sensing research. Data collected by proximal sensors and sensors on drones, aircraft or satellites are being used by producers, agriculture service providers, policy makers and public agencies to build a more sustainable sector and to reduce risk to agriculture production. This Article Collection will compile the latest innovative research exploiting remote sensing technologies to reduce crop production risk in the face of increasing climate uncertainty and weather extremes, and to advance sustainability development goals for  agriculture. In particular, this Collection aims to promote innovative research that is the consequence of four important technological revolutions, namely Open Data, Open-Source, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence, to support sustainability and risk mitigation in agriculture.

No region of the world has been untouched by the effect of changing climate. For agriculture, the impacts have included shifting cropping patterns, emerging disease threats, as well as more frequent and intense extreme weather events. Adaptation will be required to improve the resiliency of agriculture to meet global food demands, and to advance environmental sustainability goals to preserve production needs.  Data are being generated at rates which exceed our capacity to exploit. Advances in predictive analytics as well as in big data storage, communications and processing will lead to new innovative research methods and tools. In this light, remote sensing technologies gather crucial data to measure the current state of soil and crop health, monitor within season and year over year changes, and forecast yield stability. The information derived from remote sensing data improves threat response, builds resiliency to manage short- and long-term change, and advances agriculture’s progress towards meeting food security and environmental sustainability goals.

This Collection will welcome submissions of different types of manuscripts, including original research, research concepts, as well as review articles of the state of the art. Solutions for agriculture include collection of data from many scales (proximal, drone, airborne and satellite) and using a range of remote sensing sensors (optical, thermal, passive and active microwave). Articles that address one or more of these platforms and sensors will be considered. This collection will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase new and advanced analytical approaches based on artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning and big data analytics, as well as research using new digital imaging platforms and smart devices. We welcome contributions in all field of remote sensing that apply these technologies and methods for a range of applications from crop mapping and monitoring, yield prediction, risk and disease modelling, sustainable agriculture, phenotyping and precision agriculture.

Subject key words include:

  • Remote Sensing Technology
  • Sustainable and Smart Farming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
  • Climate Change and Risk Mitigation
  • Food Security

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