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Blood Pressure

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Aging

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04 June 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Jerzy Gąsowski, Jagiellonian University Medical College
[email protected]

Dr. Karolina Piotrowicz, Jagiellonian University Medical College
[email protected]

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Aging

Increasing age means more prevalent cardiovascular disease. From diabetes to hypertension to atherosclerotic lesions, through complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke, atrial fibrillation, or heart failure, it is the older person in whom the prevalence is greater and risk of complications higher. At the same time, aging, when assuming an unfavorable path, is associated with development of frailty (including cognitive frailty), sarcopenia, and malnutrition with their functional aftermath. Several factors are believed to be shared by cardiovascular disease and unfavorable aging, with a very prominent role according to “inflammaging.”

Therefore, it is important to bring together research from basic sciences and clinical research alike that would help increase knowledge and awareness of the pathophysiologic, diagnostic, outcomes, and therapeutic pathways that would be common for both aging and cardiovascular disease.

Presently, we launch this Article Collection aiming at bringing together original research, reviews, and meta-analyses on topics including but not limited to: blood vessel biology, endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, arterial stiffening, the role of microbiota, the role of viral infections and the vaccinations against them, renal aspects, arterial and left ventricular remodeling, cognitive impairment, diagnostic aspects including various biomarkers and imaging studies, and therapy. The common denominator should be aging processes and vascular aspects. This Collection will serve as an up-to-date knowledge repository and resource for the bench and the bedside alike.

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Dr. Gąsowski’s research interests have been revolving about hypertension in older persons, especially epidemiologic studies on isolated systolic hypertension and non-invasive cardiovascular assessment, and on various aspects of clinical geriatric medicine. He practices geriatric and general internal medicine at the University Hospital, and he is a full professor of medicine at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, both in Kraków, Poland.

Dr. Piotrowicz has been involved in numerous studies concerning the population of older patients, with special interest in frailty, sarcopenia, malnutrition, and delirium in older hospitalized patients. She is a geriatrician and internist, working at the University Hospital and the Jagiellonian University Medical College, both in Kraków, Poland.

Dr. Gąsowski and Dr. Piotrowicz declare no conflict of interest regarding this work.

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