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Applied Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Everything for a Smart Planet

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31 May 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Prof. Fadi Al-Turjman, Near East University
[email protected]

Prof. Antonios Tsourdos, Cranfield University
[email protected]

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Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Everything for a Smart Planet

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and IoE are the three key technologies to meet the most of the emerging demands nowadays towards a digitalized and smart planet.  Data science is popular and widely used in almost every area of smart cities application due to its data analysing capabilities. IoE and smart sensors are used to meet the requirements at the ground level to sense the data values related to smart homes, hospitals, traffic, parking, waste management and other related requirements. Cloud computing is an integral part of the smart planet solution as well due to its storage/remote processing capabilities. It also extends various services like infrastructure, software, and network as a service. Artificial intelligence and machine learning based solutions are coming up with several new and innovative ideas to make the life easier. So, this special issue aims to cover novel aspects and ongoing research towards realizing smart planet solutions using the aforementioned technologies.

This special issue provides an insight into especially the IoE intelligence in terms of applications and algorithmic challenges. The special issue is dedicated to addressing the major challenges in realizing the artificial intelligence in IoE-based applications including challenges that vary from cost and energy efficiency to availability to service quality in multidisciplinary fashion. It targets authors/readers are from varying disciplines who are interested in implementing the smart planet/environments vision via intelligent wireless/wired enabling technologies. It brings together innovative ideas on the advancement and emerging role of Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Everything and its applications in various fields. It will explore the latest developments, innovations and best practices within the IoE intelligence and the impact it has on industries including: manufacturing, transport, supply chain, communication, government, legal sectors, financial services, energy utilities, insurance, healthcare, retail and many others.

Topics for the special issue include, but are not constrained to the following:

  • AI algorithms in IoE
  • Cloud, Edge, Fog & Dew computing for IoE intelligence
  • IoE-based innovative applications & services
  • Security & privacy issues in AIoE
  • Voice & Vision AI in IoE
  • 5G technology enable AIoE
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle aided AIoE
  • AIoE for smart homes & cities
  • AIoE in smart industries and industrial 4.0
  • Large-scale sensor networks for AIoE

All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo a full peer-review; the Guest Advisor for this collection will not be handling the manuscripts (unless they are an Editorial Board member). Please review the journal scope <link> and author submission instructions <link> prior to submitting a manuscript. The deadline for submitting manuscripts is 31/05/2024.

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Submission Instructions

All Contributing Authors are eligible for a 10% Discount on the Article Processing Charge by applying the following discount code at the point of Submission: UAAI-2024-C22154

The Editors welcome the following Article Types for this collection:

Original Research Papers – Presenting high quality original research

Reviews – Comprehensive review of research and developments of significance in the field, highlighting problems to overcome and future directions for research

Short Communications – Discussing concise, but important, break through data or research not embedded within a complex story

Technical Reports - Describe new approaches, methods process or progress of technical research

Commentaries – Evaluate recent research findings, professional practices and/or current issues in the subject area

Meeting Reports – Summarizes presentations from recent meetings in the field. Meeting Reports should only be submitted after prior agreement from the Editor

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All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo desk assessment and peer-review as part of our standard editorial process. Guest Advisors for this collection will not be involved in peer-reviewing manuscripts unless they are an existing member of the Editorial Board. Please review the journal Aims and Scope and author submission instructions prior to submitting a manuscript.