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Pedagogical Transformation in Medical Education

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31 January 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Andrew Binks, PhD, Virginia Tech, Carilion School of Medicine, USA
[email protected]

Renée LeClair, PhD, Virginia Tech, Carilion School of Medicine
[email protected]

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Pedagogical Transformation in Medical Education

Significant, long-term changes in medical curricula have improved standards, scientific rigor and alignment with learning theories.  Some aspects however, may not fully align with the pedagogical needs of today's medical education due to the application of advanced technologies such as simulation-based learning, e-learning modules, mobile learning, virtual reality, and telemedicine. Therefore, it is time to revisit pedagogical approaches to leverage the potential of technology and address the evolving needs of medical learners.

New pedagogical approaches to meet the contemporary learner’s needs as well as the values of modern clinical practice have been called for by accrediting bodies and leading medical educators alike. Increased content volume delivered in a shortened curricular time and increased availability of learning media have resulted in medical students engaging in a more independent study. This provides opportunities to transition to classroom pedagogies that promote deeper learning and integrate additional core competencies. While this presents challenges for medical educators, it may help develop the characteristics of an effective, competent modern physician.

This collection aims to disseminate novel approaches to harnessing this opportunity and insights into future directions. Issues to address include:

  • Use of innovative active learning approaches to add value and incorporate the competencies and aspects of modern medical education.
  • Reflecting an educational mission (e.g., producing life-long learners and systems thinkers) in the classroom delivery.
  • Implementing educational methods or experiential learning to encourage high-quality, value-based care and enhance communication and teamwork.
  • Holistic approaches to learning and assessment to support content integration.
  • Using authentic assessment to capture non-knowledge-based competencies
  • Implementing new technologies (e.g., AI) to enhance medical education.

Contributions or reviews addressing other pertinent questions to enhance pedagogical transformation in medical education will be considered.

Annals of Medicine accepts the following types of articles:

  • Research Article (systematic/meta-analysis reviews and observational studies)
  • Review Article
  • Clinical Trials
  • Protocols
  • Case Series
  • Commentary

Andrew Binks, Ph.D. has been involved in medical curriculum design and active learning pedagogies for over two decades. Using an integrated, student-centered approach he regularly uses team-teaching and evidence-based practices to generate an engaging learning environment. He has given faculty development workshops and keynotes at an international and local level and has published numerous peer-reviewed medical educational research and methods papers.

Renée LeClair, Ph.D. is a medical educator and instructional technologist who strives to continually innovate and inspire the development of Medical Education. Although a trained biochemistry, most of her research has focuses on learner perspectives and the learning environment, development of active delivery and preparation materials.  Collectively, her background is diverse and allows for a creative space to think of education holistically.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Binks and Dr. LaClair declare no conflicts of interest regarding this work.

The deadline for submitting manuscripts is January 31st, 2024.

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The deadline for submitting manuscripts is January 31st, 2024.

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