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Landscapes in Transition: The Role of Geographic Information Science in Land Use Change

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30 June 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Sawaid Abbas, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China; Smart Sensing for Climate and Development, Centre for Geographical Information System, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan
[email protected]

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Landscapes in Transition: The Role of Geographic Information Science in Land Use Change

The world's landscapes have experienced significant transformations and shifts in land utilization, driven by factors such as urbanization, agricultural expansion, environmental conservation, and climate changes. Geographic Information Science (GIS) has been widely used in studying challenges and opportunities associated with land use change, offering valuable insights and solutions for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Many studies have leveraged spatial data, advanced technology, and analytical methods to provide invaluable insights into how our lands are used, transformed, and adapted over time.

The aim of this Article Collection is to explore the dynamic relationship between Geographic Information Science (GIS) and the ever-evolving field of landscape transitions. We welcome research on exploring emerging trends, technologies, and innovations in GIS and their potential impact on understanding and managing land use change. The potential topic can include, but not limited to the following:

  • Smart Cities and Sustainable Development: Applications in creating smart, sustainable cities and communities by optimizing land use through the use of geospatial information technologies.
  • Urbanization and Land Use Change: Study and manage the impact of urban expansion on land use and land cover using geospatial technologies.
  • Spatial Analysis and Modelling: Advances in spatial analysis techniques and modelling approaches for predicting future land use changes.
  • Agricultural Land Use Dynamics: Investigation to understand changes in agricultural practices, crop types, and yields based on geospatial technologies.
  • Climate Change and Environmental Impact: Role of GIS in assessing the effects of climate change on land use and its environmental consequences.
  • Natural Resource Management: Applications in the management and conservation of natural resources such as forests, water bodies, and wildlife habitats using geospatial technologies.
  • Remote Sensing and Earth Observation: Integration of satellite and remote sensing data into GIS for land use change analysis.
  • Land Use Planning and Policy: Explore the role of GIS in land use planning, zoning, and policy development at regional, national, and global levels.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management: Investigate how GIS is utilized to predict and respond to natural disasters and their impact on land use.
  • Case Studies and Best Practices: Case studies and examples of successful and innovative applications in various land use change scenarios employing geospatial technologies.

Guest Advisor Biography:

Dr. Sawaid Abbas is an Earth Observation Data Scientist who works at the nexus of environment, nature sustainability and climate change through leveraging Geographic Information Science and strong domain knowledge. His collaborative work on Mangrove Cover Change in South Asia is acknowledged by NASA’s Landsat Science ( In the area of the urban environment, his work on Smart Sensing Technologies received a team award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transfer by the Faculty of Construction and Environment, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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Submission Instructions

Please make sure you select the Article Collection [Landscapes in Transition: The Role of Geographic Information Science in Land Use Change] from the drop down menu when you submit. Please contact Dr. Sawaid Abbas or the Commissioning Editor Yongxu Hu at [email protected] with any queries regarding this Article Collection.

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All manuscripts submitted to this Article Collection will undergo desk assessment and peer-review as part of our standard editorial process. Guest Advisors for this collection will not be involved in peer-reviewing manuscripts unless they are an existing member of the Editorial Board. Please review the journal Aims and Scope and author submission instructions prior to submitting a manuscript.