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Nanocomposites for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications

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01 April 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Yilkal Dessie, Adama Science and Technology University
[email protected]

Professor Sisay Tadesse, Hawassa University
[email protected]

Prof. Amar Abderrahmani, Lille University
[email protected]

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Nanocomposites for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications

Safe, sustainable, and renewable energy sources across the globe could be considered as an innovative and emerging technologies. To replace the limited and unstable supply of fossil fuel resources (coal, natural gas, and oils), those alternative technologies have been considered as a sustainable way to reduce the current global warming crisis. So, to insure such alternative renewable energy storage and conversion systems, making an innovative electrochemical devices system is highly inspired for a variety of infrastructure applications. Among these, fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors and water splitting are the most and recent infrastructures for diverse applications.

The aim of this Collection is to ensure the best performance of the mentioned electrochemical devices, nanocomposites prepared via a simple, cost and time efficient method from cost-effective, abundant, and environmentally friendly materials with fascinating electrochemical properties favoured for their function as an active materials. Apart from new features and enhanced performance, composite approach quite often allows the drawbacks of single components to be diminished or reduced entirely. This is due to the stable and superior thermal, electrical, and structural properties of nanocomposites.

Therefore, the Collection focuses on modification of nanocomposites for efficient electrochemical device performances. The topic of this Collection will cover the following key points.

  • Supercapacitor
  • Batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Water splitting and hydrogen-oxygen evolution

Therefore, based on the mentioned areas of the topic and subtopic, full length papers, reviews, and short communications are invited to publish in this Article Collection.

Disclosure Statement: Dr. Dessie, Prof. Tadesse, and Prof. Abderrahmani declare no conflicts of interest regarding this work.

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