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Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science

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Sustainability in Polymers and Composites

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01 July 2024

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Article collection guest advisor(s)

Dr. Xiaoling Liu, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China
[email protected]

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Sustainability in Polymers and Composites

Reducing energy consumption and fossil-carbon emissions in advanced manufacturing processes is crucial for the sustainability and sustainable development in industrial field. The advanced manufacturing develops and applies new materials and emerging technologies. In order to reduce production costs and improve quality and reliability, new manufacturing processes and novel analytical models are required for process control and optimization. The adoption of advanced manufacturing for sustainability will be related with a systematic approach from concept development, product design and manufacturing to product delivery and service.

This Article Collection is dedicated to demonstrate the potential of advanced manufacturing to conserve energy and resources.

Some subjects are mentioned here for reference and submission, e.g.:

  • Recycling and recovery from composite products
  • Advanced manufacturing processes with reduced energy, water, and materials footprint
  • Advanced manufacturing of high-quality composite parts from continuous fiber-reinforced polymers
  • Parameter optimization model for advanced manufacturing
  • Sustainable materials and/or technologies in the application of aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, defence and healthcare sectors
  • Sustainable biomaterials and/or sustainable technologies for biomedical applications
  • Life cycle and techno-economics analysis of sustainable technologies
  • Green and eco-friendly polymers
  • New concept and technology for sustainable energy and environmental devices and systems
  • Theory and simulation of advanced composite materials for sustainable applications

Please contact Haoyang Yi at [email protected] with any queries regarding this Article Collection.

Guest Advisor

Dr. Xiaoling Liu, Associate Professor in advanced materials of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, PhD supervisor, Ningbo Leading talent, Ningbo Science and Technology Dream Seeker, Zhejiang 5246 Talent Project high-level talent. She received her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2014 and joined Ningbo Campus (UNNC) in 2015. With outstanding academic ability and leadership, Dr. Liu has set up an international composite R&D team and platform integrating "teaching" and "scientific research" in UNNC. She has successively built two key laboratories of composite materials and established the ACC TECH-UNNC joint laboratory in "Sustainable Composite Materials" with AVIC Composite company, UNNC-LINCE joint research centre in “Advanced Materials Technologies” with LINCE Group and UNNC-Airbus joint research centre in “Green Material Technology” with Airbus to train undergraduate students, PhDs and support industry. She has recruited more than 10 high-level talents such as chief professors, post-doctors and researchers and built a high-level innovation team and led the team to win the award of Ningbo 3315 Innovation Team, Zhejiang High-level innovation Team on Multifunctional Green Composites for future Aeronautics, as well as the " National Center for International Research" awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2019. Dr. Liu has long been focused on the research and development of green, multifunctional lightweight composite materials, especially achieved a series of world advanced level of original research and technology achievements in the field of green sustainable composite materials. Dr. Liu has presided over nearly 20 provincial and municipal major scientific research projects and enterprise cooperation projects and secured around RMB 30M to date, published over 70 papers in international journals, and over 10 patents granted, and has made great contributions to promote the industrial layout and optimization of Ningbo's sustainable materials and circular economy.

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