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Additive Manufacturing of Permanent Magnets

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31 August 2024

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Dibakar Das, University of Hyderabad
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Additive Manufacturing of Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets (PM) have become the part and parcel of many important devices and technologies which enable the high standard of living in modern societies so comfortable. Industrial technologies for motors and generators, wind turbines, electric vehicles, large electrical machines are all powered up by permanent magnets. Additive manufacturing (AM) has long been known for its potential for manufacturing and near-net shaping of complex engineering components with minimal material waste.

Additive manufacturing has emerged as an attractive option to efficiently manufacture complex PM components with improved performance and lower processing cost. Compared to the conventional manufacturing processes, which are mostly subtractive in nature, AM utilizes optimum amount of materials for shaping the component with very minimum wastage of materials. This aspect of AM for manufacturing PM components and parts involving scarce and expensive rare earth raw materials is very crucial to make the technologies commercially and economically viable.

This collection is aimed at compiling articles related to additive manufacturing of PM components and parts made of hard magnetic materials including Nd-Fe-B, Sm-Co, Alnico, Ce-Co alloys, hard ferrites etc. Influence of powder characteristics including particle size and distribution, shape and flow characteristics, AM processing parameters on phase structure and structural integrity, microstructure, thermal, magnetic, and chemical (corrosion) characteristics of both bonded and sintered PM components will be covered. The collection will also include articles discussing the influence of any post processing on the properties and performance of additively manufactured PM components.

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