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Art Education

Deadline for Submissions: October 1, 2019

Special Issue

Art in Early Childhood: Explorations of Practice and Research

The NAEA Early Childhood Art Educators (ECAE) Interest Group advocates for early childhood art education that supports the interests and needs of young children (ages 0-8). ECAE (2019) recognizes the ways that young children represent their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions through actual, virtual, and experimental media and processes. It acknowledges the importance of responsive educators who support the varied ways that young children create meaning (storytelling, sensory-kinesthetic exploration, play, artmaking, etc.).

Although it is generally understood that early learning experiences play a pivotal role in children’s lives, not all learning experiences are of equal quality. For many children, art education is incorporated into everyday classrooms where variations in programmatic goals, resources, conceptions of art and children, and the professional preparation of teachers impact their art education experiences.

This special issue of Art Education seeks submissions of research and practice that explore the varied landscapes of early childhood art education, including (but not limited to) manuscripts that address studio experiences, interactions with artists, and visits to art museums and galleries. What happens when young children are given the opportunity to respond to art through conversation, play, dramatics, movement, music, and artmaking? How do young children formulate and express their ideas through artmaking? What strategies can teachers use to support and scaffold young children’s making? How do educators create meaningful art experiences when resources are limited? How do universities prepare future art teachers and scholars to attend to the unique needs of young children? What policies affect young children’s access to art experiences? How can art educators, parents, and caregivers better advocate for creative activity as a fundamental right and need of childhood?

Authors may wish to respond to one of these questions or to one of the topics below:

  • Children’s art as a socio-cultural-material practice
  • Role of time (structured and unstructured) in art explorations
  • Collaborations (among children, educators, artists, parents, etc.)
  • Relationships between process and product
  • Children’s visual culture
  • Power of the environment
  • Culturally responsive practices in early art education
  • Documentation of children’s learning/making
  • Curation of young children’s art
  • Children’s participation and voice
  • Authentic assessment practices
  • Technology and early art experiences
  • Wonder, imagination, play, and joy in early art education


Submission Guidelines

ECAE President Shana Cinquemani, guest co-editor of this special issue of Art Education, invites manuscripts on the topic Art in Early Childhood: Explorations of Practice and Research. All submissions for this special issue should follow the established submission guidelines for the journal homepage on the publisher Taylor & Francis’s website. Send questions here.

Deadlines for Submissions: October 1, 2019  


Early Childhood Art Education Interest Group, National Art Education Association. (2019) Mission statement. Retrieved from https://www.arteducators.org/community/articles/67-early-childhood-art-educators-ecae 


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