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Routledge Archaeology Altmetric Collection

Discover Key Research from our Academic Journals

We at Routledge Archaeology are proud of the influential research and discoveries published by our journals. To provide you with and insight into the key findings published in these journals, we are offering free access to a selection of articles that have yielded high Altmetric scores and thus high levels of audience engagement. 

Articles are free until December, 31 2020. Free access is only available when accessing the article(s) from this page, so bookmark the page to access your favourite articles.

Article Title Author Journal Title
The girl with the chariot medallion: a well-furnished, Late Iron Age Durotrigian burial from Langton Herring, Dorset Miles Russell, Martin Smith, Paul Cheetham, Damian Evans & Harry Manley Archaeological Journal
World’s earliest ground-edge axe production coincides with human colonisation of Australia Peter Hiscock, Sue O’Connor, Jane Balme & Tim Maloney Australian Archaeology
Global Expansion of the Australian Biting Louse Heterodoxus spiniger Facilitated by Human Transport of Dog (Canis familiaris), and Implications for Prehistoric Cultural Interaction in Australasia Loukas Koungoulos & Peter Contos Environmental Archaeology
Always on the Receiving End? Reflections on Archaeology, Museums and Policy Gail Boyle The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice
Viewing the Bayeux Tapestry, Now and Then Christopher Norton Journal of the British Archaeological Association
Local people’s interpretations of the hominin footprints at Laetoli, Tanzania Elgidius B. Ichumbaki, Marco Cherin, Fidelis T. Masao & Jacopo Moggi-Cecchi Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage
For want of a nail? Proxies for analysing POW and guard access to supplies at a Confederate prison camp Ryan K. McNutt & Emily Jones Journal of Conflict Archaeology
Interregional Archaeology in the Age of Big Data: Building Online Collaborative Platforms for Virtual Survey in the Andes Steven Wernke, Parker VanValkenburgh & Akira Saito Journal of Field Archaeology
Lasers Without Lost Cities: Using Drone Lidar to Capture Architectural Complexity at Kuelap, Amazonas, Peru Parker VanValkenburgh, K. C. Cushman, Luis Jaime Castillo Butters, Carol Rojas Vega, Carson B. Roberts, Charles Kepler & James Kellner Journal of Field Archaeology
Ancient Tattooing in Polynesia Geoffrey Clark & Michelle C. Langley The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology
The Level VI North-East Temple at Tel Lachish Itamar Weissbein, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, Martin G. Klingbeil, Baruch Brandl & Hadas Misgav Levant
Furnishing an Early Medieval Monastery: New Evidence from Iona Ewan Campbell, Colleen Batey, Griffin Murray & Cynthia Thickpenny Medieval Archaeology
The Cerutti Mastodon Site Reinterpreted with Reference to Freeway Construction Plans and Methods Patrick M. Ferrell PaleoAmerica
A new Bronze Age shipwreck with ingots in the west of Antalya—preliminary results Hakan Öniz Palestine Exploration Quarterly
Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem: The Monumental Street from the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount Nahshon Szanton, Moran Hagbi, Joe Uziel & Donald T. Ariel Tel Aviv
Restoring Line 31 in the Mesha Stele: The ‘House of David’ or Biblical Balak? Israel Finkelstein, Nadav Na’aman & Thomas Römer Tel Aviv
Calculated or caring? Neanderthal healthcare in social context Penny Spikins, Andy Needham, Lorna Tilley & Gail Hitchens World Archaeology
Genetics, archaeology and the far right: an unholy Trinity Susanne E. Hakenbeck World Archaeology
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