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Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

Special Issue

Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

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The aim of this Special Issue is to publish selected extended papers presented during the 8th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization to be held from 15-17, April 2019 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. We seek original research work of unpublished work and not currently under consideration at any other journal. The special issue articles will undergo a rigorous peer review process as any other contribution submitted to the journal directly.

Full Paper Submission Deadline:
01 December 2019

Notification of Acceptance/Rejection:
01 June 2020

Final Paper Submission:
01 August 2020

Target Publication Date:
01 December 2020
(Subject to change at journal's discretion)

Submissions process

The scientific quality of the contributions is the main criterion in the selection process. Interested authors should submit their full paper to the Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.

The corresponding author should state clearly in the cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted to the “ICMSAO2019” special issue. In Step 5 of the submission form (Details & Comments), please select “Combinatorial Optimization” from the dropdown menu when asked “Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?”

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The topics include, but are not limited to, all areas of Combinatorial Optimization, in particular those addressing innovative methodological aspects and real applications in:

Approximation algorithms
Constraint Programming
Linear and nonlinear integer programming
Scheduling algorithms
Computational biology
Computational complexity
Computational geometry
Supply Chain Management
Multiple Objective Optimization
Stochastic Optimization
Simulation Tools
Renewable Energy Systems
Neural Networks and Fuzzy logic
Artificial Intelligence
Robotics/ Mechatronics
Medical and Bioengineering
Control systems
Graph Theory
Coding and Cryptography
Financial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Material Science/Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Civil Engineering
Engineering Management
Combinatorial Optimization in Business

Editorial information:

Dr. Hatem Masri, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

Prof. Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, NEOMA BS, France

Prof. Mohamed Dia, Laurentian University, Canada

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