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Robot Learning

A virtual special issue by Advanced Robotics

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Advanced Robotics (AR) is the international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan and has a history of more than thirty three years. It is an interdisciplinary journal which integrates publication of all aspects of research on robotics science and technology. 

Title Authors
Preface: Special Issue on Robot Learning Wataru Takano, Matthew Howard & Emel Demircan
Machine learning for human movement understanding Taizo Yoshikawa , Viktor Losing & Emel Demircan
A library for constraint consistent learning Jeevan Manavalan, Yuchen Zhao, Prabhakar Ray et al.
Hierarchical and parameterized learning of pick-and-place manipulation from under-specified human demonstrations Kun Qian, Huan Liu, Jaime Valls Miro et al.
Learning efficient push and grasp policy in a totebox from simulation Peiyuan Ni, Wenguang Zhang, Haoruo Zhang & Qixin Cao
Inverse reinforcement learning-based time-dependent A* planner for human-aware robot navigation with local vision Shiying Sun, Xiaoguang Zhao, Qianzhong Li & Min Tan
Multiple mini-robots navigation using a collaborative multiagent reinforcement learning framework Piyabhum Chaysri, Konstantinos Blekas & Kostas Vlachos
Study on visual machine-learning on the omnidirectional transporting robot Adrian Zambrano, Kazuki Abe, Ikumi Suzuki et al.

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Advanced Robotics promotes research in both fundamental robotics and robotics related to applied fields such as service robotics, field robotics, medical robotics, rescue robotics, space robotics, underwater robotics, agriculture robotics, industrial robotics, and robots in emerging fields.
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About the Journal

Advanced Robotics (AR) is an official publication by the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ). Advanced Robotics is currently indexed in several major indexes including the Science Citation Index and SCOPUS. Browse Advanced Robotics latest issues here.

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