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Eldercare in an Aging Asia

By Asian Population Studies

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In the foreseeable future, Asia will continue to be host to the largest share of the world elderly population, constituting a major demographic challenge for Asian nations, and especially for the region’s developing economies. One key aspect of Asia’s aging that raises considerable concern is the question of eldercare. With the rapid growth of both proportion and number of older adults in Asia, the traditional eldercare system, which is mostly family based, is under tremendous pressure to keep pace with social transformation accompanying modernisation and urbanisation in the region.

Reflecting strong academic interest in the causes and consequences of rapid aging and changing care needs, this special issue features key papers representing cutting-edge research in this field published in APS since the mid-2000s. The selected papers reveal complicated issues and dilemmas pertaining to eldercare across Asian countries, including the changing roles of family, trends in intergenerational support, left-behind parents due to migration, the gendered pattern of caregiving, and caregiver stress, etc.

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Asian Population Studies

Asian Population Studies publishes original research on matters related to population in this large, complex and rapidly changing region. Topics include population dynamics such as the analysis of fertility, mortality and migration (from both technical and humanistic perspectives) to the consequences of population change from a variety of demographic perspectives.

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