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Special Issue on Atmospheric PM2.5 and Air Pollution

By Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters

Included in this virtual special issue (VSI) are 11 short articles handpicked by the editors of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters, all relating to the themes of atmospheric PM2.5 and air quality control in China: change, impact, mitigation, and global perspective. They offer cutting-edge research results on haze pollution, PM2.5 source assessment, wet deposition and scavenging, black carbon aerosol, secondary organic aerosol and more.

This VSI will benefit specialists in this field and will also increase both public awareness and knowledge regarding important societal issues involving the environment, health, energy, materials and other facets of our lives.

On assessing haze attribution and control measures in ChinaHui-Jun Wang
Assessment of the regional source contributions to PM2.5 mass concentration in BeijingXiao HAN & Mei-Gen ZHANG
Wet deposition and scavenging ratio of air pollutants during an extreme rainstorm in the North China PlainYue-Peng Pan, Xia-Ying Zhu, Shi-Li Tian, Li-Li Wang, Guo-Zhong Zhang, Yan-Bo Zhou, Peng Xu, Bo Hu & Yue-Si Wang
Chemical characterization of submicron particles during typical air pollution episodes in spring over BeijingTing YANG, Ye-Le SUN, Wei ZHANG, Zi-Fa WANG & Xi-Quan WANG
Characteristics of complex air pollution in typical cities of North ChinaBin-Yan TANG, Jin-Yuan XIN, Wen-Kang GAO, Ping SHAO, Hong-Juan SU, Tian-Xue WEN, Tao SONG, Guang-Zhou FAN, Shi-Gong WANG & Yue-Si WANG
Trends of surface PM2.5 over Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei in 2013–2015 and their causes: emission controls vs. meteorological conditionsYing WEI, Jie LI, Zi-Fa WANG, Huan-Sheng CHEN, Qi-Zhong WU, Jian-Jun LI, Yuan-Lin WANG & Wei WANG
A case study of air quality control in Beijing and the surrounding area during the 2015 World Championships and ParadeLi-Hua ZHOU, Xing-Ying ZHANG, Jing ZHANG, Si-Guang ZHU & Xiao-Yang MENG
Continuous observation of black carbon aerosol during winter in urban Beijing, ChinaPeng Xue, Ji Dong-Sheng, Jun-Lin An, Wan Cao, Shen-Ming Fu, Jie Wei, Zhi-Qing Li, Ying-Xing Zhou, Cheng-Yuan Miao & Yue-Si Wang
Model analysis of secondary organic aerosol over China with a regional air quality modeling system (RAMS-CMAQ)Jia-Lin LI, Mei-Gen ZHANG, Yi GAO & Lei CHEN
A dark October in Beijing 2016Ya GAO & Dong CHEN
Effects of transport on aerosols over the eastern slope of the Tibetan Plateau: synergistic contribution of Southeast Asia and the Sichuan BasinHong-Juan SU, Jin-Yuan XIN, Yong-Jing MA, Zirui LIU, Tian-Xue WEN, Shi-Gong WANG, Guang-Zhou FAN, Wei LI, Lu WANG, Zhi-Ming HE& Yue-Si WANG

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