AMEE and BEME Guides: Most Read Collection

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AMEE and BEME Guides

Most Read Collection from Medical Teacher

AMEE Guide: Most Read Articles

AMEE Guides cover topical issues in medical and healthcare professions education and provide information, practical advice and support.  They are designed for use by teachers individually to inform their practice and are widely used in staff development programmes.  AMEE Guides can also provide a valuable resource to inform curriculum and course committees.

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Article Author(s) Volume Issue
Experience Based Learning (ExBL): Clinical teaching for the twenty-first century Grainne Kearney, Hannah Gillespie, Deirdre Bennett, Timothy Dornan, Richard Conn, Helen Monaghan, Tim Dornan 41 10
Healthcare educational leadership in the twenty-first century Davinder Sandhu 41 6
The foundations of measurement and assessment in medical education Mohsen Tavakol & Reg Dennick 39 10
Diagnosis and management of clinical reasoning difficulties: Part I. Clinical reasoning supervision and educational diagnosis Marie-Claude Audétat, Suzanne Laurin, Valérie Dory, Bernard Charlin & Mathieu R. Nendaz 39 8
Work engagement in health professions education* Joost W. van den Berg, Nicole J. J. M. Mastenbroek, Renée A. Scheepers & A. Debbie C. Jaarsma 39 11

BEME Guides: Most Cited Articles

BEME reviews are of interest to a range of stakeholders in the healthcare professions including teachers, curriculum developers, administrators and researchers. 

The text for a review is first published online at BEME’s website, the review is then published in Medical Teacher along with a Spotlight.

View BEME published reviews here.

Article Author(s) Volume Issue
A Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) systematic review of: What works best for health professions students using mobile (hand-held) devices for educational support on clinical placements? BEME Guide No. 52 Gillian Maudsley,David Taylor,Omnia Allam,Jayne Garner,Tudor Calinici & Ken Linkman 41 2
Effective methods of teaching and learning in anatomy as a basic science: A BEME systematic review: BEME guide no. 44 C. Dominique Losco, William D. Grant, Anthony Armson, Amanda J. Meyer & Bruce F. Walker 39 3
Test-enhanced learning in health professions education: A systematic review: BEME Guide No. 48 Michael L. Green, Jeremy J. Moeller & Judy M. Spak 40 4
A Best Evidence in Medical Education systematic review to determine the most effective teaching methods that develop reflection in medical students: BEME Guide No. 51 Jane Uygur, Ellen Stuart, Muireann De Paor, Emma Wallace, Seamus Duffy, Marie O’Shea, Susan Smith & Teresa Pawlikowska 41 1
The contribution of theory to the design, delivery, and evaluation of interprofessional curricula: BEME Guide No. 49 Sarah Hean, Christopher Green, Elizabeth Anderson, Debra Morris, Carol John, Richard Pitt & Cath O’Halloran 40 6
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