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Submit Your Data Note

Increase the impact of your research

All Earth publishes research across all fields of Earth Science including cross- and multi-disciplinary studies and sound, reproducible research.

Publishing under an open model, the journal provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a second publication from your research by publishing a data note that is derived from your underlying data. 

Turning your data set into a publication adds significant value to your research by presenting and communicating findings to reach new audiences, allowing you to tell the full story of your research in a way that others can draw upon.



What is a data note?

Data notes concisely describe your research data to increase the visibility and transparency of your research, and are peer-reviewed to support the reuse of valuable research data. 

Data notes do not include any analyses or conclusions but may be linked to a traditional Research Article reporting analysis of the published dataset, as well as the results and conclusions. Data notes should include:

  • Dataset rationale, protocol, and validation details
  • Information about any limitations of the dataset
  • Information on where and how to access the dataset, as part of a Data Availability Statement
  • Reference to the dataset using a formal citation
  • Where applicable, cite and summarize any previous publications that use the data presented

Why submit to All Earth?

Publishing a data article in All Earth allows you to:

  • Reach new audiences for your research by publishing under an open model.
  • Foster new collaborations across disciplines by making your data freely accessible.
  • Ensure appropriate credit for your research data with a citable publication.
  • Retain ownership by publishing using a creative commons license. 

Before you submit your research, please read and adhere to our our Instructions for Authors.


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