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Journal of World Languages

Call for Papers

The Journal of World Languages explores the linguistic, communicative and socio-cultural implications of the global spread of major languages and the impact this is having on the world’s linguistic mapping. 

Recognizing that the phenomenon of becoming a world language encompasses a growing number of languages with significant implications for the development of these languages, the Journal of World Languages encourages a comparative approach to the study of the roles of education, the media, the economy, etc. in contributing to the growth of a world language.

The journal welcomes papers on topics addressing questions such as those listed below:

  • What is a "world language": international? global? Or are these different?
  • How does being a world language impact on local identities, whether ethnic, national, or socio-economic?
  • What is the effect of language technology on the process?
  • What is the effect of the worldwide growth of a language on the writing system, and the distance between speech and writing?
  • What is the effect of world language on multimodal communication?
  • What is the role of language planning:
    (i) systemic: reform of script, regulation of grammar or vocabulary;
    (ii) institutional: language education policy?
  • What are typical speakers' (users') attitudes to the phenomenon:
    (i) L1 (i.e., native speakers of a world language);
    (ii) L2 (i.e., non-native speakers of a world language)?
  • What variation is associated with growth towards "world language" status:
    (i) Dialectal, i.e., user-based variation?
    (ii) Diatypic, i.e., use-based variation (such as register)?
  • What are the implications of the "world language" phenomenon for a general linguistic theory? 

Journal of World Languages

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Submission guidelines

All papers should have a minimum of 6,000 words and a maximum of 8,000 words (excluding references). To read the full Instructions for Authors: click here.

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Questions? Email to: [email protected]

Editorial Information

  • Editor: Jonathan Webster, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Editor: Guowen Huang, Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • Editor: Wei He, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
  • Editor: Angel Garralda Ortega, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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