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Journal of Multicultural Discourses

Special Issue Proposals

A full special issue should comprise of 6-8 articles (around 8,000 words in length).

Proposals should be a maximum of 3 pages. They should include a clear account of the research question and the general approach, a work schedule, the names of the guest editor(s), the names of 3-4 proposed contributors and provisional titles, including a brief description of the proposed content of the special issue.

All special issues will be open for general submissions and decisions about inclusion will be quality based, relying on peer reviewing.

The successful guest editor(s) will take on the coordinating task while the participating authors should submit their papers individually to the journal’s on-line system for review, marking them up with Special Issue + first guest-editor’s surname. In the spirit of quality-first and cooperation, the Editor-in-chief’s decision is final without appeal.

Journal of Multicultural Discourses

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Submission guidelines

Proposals should be sent to the Editor-in-chief, Shi-xu (contact details can be found below) and they will be considered by the editorial team of Journal of Multicultural Discourses.

Editorial Information

  • Editor-in-Chief: Professor Shi-xu, Hangzhou Normal University; Zhejiang University, China([email protected])

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