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Top Journals in Aerospace

Get the most out of your research with our top publications in the aerospace industry

The Military Balance

The Military Balance is The International Institute for Strategic Studies' annual authoritative assessment of the military capabilities and defense economics worldwide.

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Tribology Transactions

We publish experimental and theoretical papers on friction, wear, lubricants, lubrication, materials, machines and moving components, from the macro- to the nano-scale.

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International Journal of Control

We are a world leading journal dedicated to publishing high quality, rigorously peer reviewed, original papers in all areas of control theory and applications, both established and emerging.

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The International Journal of Aerospace Psychology

Our primary goal is the publication of scholarly papers developed within this increasingly important field of study - the development and management of safe, effective aerospace systems from the standpoint of the human operators and occupants

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Journal of Energetic Materials

The Journal of Energetic Materials fills the need for an international forum of scientific and technical interchange in the disciplines of explosives, propellants, and pyrotechnics.

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Quality Engineering

We aim to promote a rich exchange among the quality engineering community by publishing papers that describe new engineering methods ready for immediate industrial application or examples of techniques uniquely employed.

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