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Advancing horizons for land cover services entering the big data era

European Journal of Remote Sensing: an Open Access journal

This Special Issue features research that was presented during the 2nd workshop “Advancing horizons for land cover services entering the big data era”, held in Prague (Czech Republic) in 2016. The workshop was a joint effort from EARSeL’s Special Interest Group on Land Use & Land Cover and NASA’s Land-Cover and Land-Use Change Science Team, under the theme ‘questions towards and beyond the 2020 emerging challenges’.

The guest editors, Garik Gutman, Ioannis Manakos, Eva Stefanova and Premysl Stych, are delighted to share nine exciting papers that have been published in a Special Issue on Advancing horizons for land cover services entering the big data era. Environment, Food security, Energy, Health and Security require continuous, reliable and cost effective monitoring of the Earth’s surface and its resources. Papers in this Special Issue deal with new frontiers in Earth Observation, which could help to counterbalance for pressures and demands from a changing climate set by contemporary and expected developments in the geo-sphere and bio-sphere.

Article Title Author
Comparison of support vector machine, random forest and neural network classifiers for tree species classification on airborne hyperspectral APEX images Edwin Raczko, Bogdan Zagajewski
Biophysical parameters mapping within the SPOT-5 Take 5 initiative Andrii Shelestov, Andrii Kolotii, Sergii Skakun, Bettina Baruth, Raul Lopez Lozano, Bohdan Yailymov
Using Google Earth Engine to detect land cover change: Singapore as a use case Nanki Sidhu, Edzer Pebesma, Gilberto Câmara
Crop inventory at regional scale in Ukraine: developing in season and end of season crop maps with multi-temporal optical and SAR satellite imagery Nataliia Kussul, Lavreniuk Mykola, Andrii Shelestov, Sergii Skakun
Architecture and prototypical implementation of a semantic querying system for big Earth observation image bases Dirk Tiede, Andrea Baraldi, Martin Sudmanns, Mariana Belgiu, Stefan Lang
Classification of Tundra Vegetation in the Krkonoše Mts. National Park Using APEX, AISA Dual and Sentinel-2A Data Lucie Kupková, Lucie Červená, Renáta Suchá, Lucie Jakešová, Bogdan Zagajewski, Stanislav Březina, Jana Albrechtová
Relative importance analysis of Landsat, waveform LIDAR and PALSAR inputs for deciduous biomass estimation Alyssa Endres, Giorgos Mountrakis, Huiran Jin, Wei Zhuang, Ioannis Manakos, John J. Wiley Jr, Colin M. Beier
Multi-modal knowledge base generation from very high resolution satellite imagery for habitat mapping Ioannis Manakos, Eleanna Technitou, Zisis Petrou, Christos Karydas, Valeria Tomaselli, Giuseppe Veronico, Giorgos Mountrakis
Multitemporal aerial image analysis for the monitoring of the processes in the landscape affected by deep coal mining Renata Popelková, Monika Mulková

European Journal of Remote Sensing

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