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Advancing Dementia Treatment and Diagnosis

World Alzheimer's Month Collection

Raising Awareness of Dementia through Science & Research

Taylor & Francis is committed to providing quality, data-driven research to help promote progress toward a more advanced future. In honor of World Alzheimer's Month, we invite you to explore the below list of custom collated dementia research articles, which have been hand-selected from key journals across our portfolio. 

The articles have been chosen to discuss the impact of dementia and those affected by it, and grouped together into themes: Diagnosis of Dementia, Community and Care and Supporting Caregivers.

We’ve made the below collection available and free to access via the links on this page until May 31, 2022.

Explore the collection below and join the conversation at @tandfmedicine.

Diagnosis of Dementia

Scientific papers focusing on the impact of dementia, the diagnosis, treatment and breakthroughs.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Aging, Neurophyschology, and Cognition Effects of personal dementia exposure on subjective memory concerns and dementia worry G. Lee, C. Do & J. Suhr. 2020
Experimental Aging Research Diagnosis makes a difference: Perceptions of older persons with dementia symptoms J. Diekfuss, J. Larwelle & S. McFadden. 2018
Educational Gerontology Correlates of dementia-related anxiety: self-perceived dementia risk and ageism S. Yun & M. Maxfield. 2020
Activities, Adaptation & Aging Music & Memory: The Impact of Individualized Music Listening on Depression, Agitation, and Positive Emotions in Persons with Dementia A. Huber, S. Oppikofer, L. Meister, et al. 2020
Clinical Gerontologist The Evaluation of a Compassion-Focused Therapy Group for Couples Experiencing a Dementia Diagnosis R.Collins, L. Gilligan & R. Poz. 2017
Aging & Mental Health Underdiagnosis of dementia in primary care: Variations in the observed prevalence and comparisons to the expected prevalence A. Connolly, E. Gaehl, H. Martin, et al. 2011
Journal of Gerontological Social Work Every Three Seconds: A Review of an Innovative Documentary on Research and Stigma Surrounding Dementia Across the Globe M. Hand. 2018
Journal of Aging & Social Policy Dementia, Help with Financial Management, and Financial Well-Being A. Belbase, G. Sanzenbacher & A. Walters. 2019
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education Dementia 360 ECHO: Using technology to facilitate diagnosis and treatment A. Lindauer, K. Wild, A. Natonson, et al. 2020
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Successful Elements of Intergenerational Dementia Programs: A Scoping Review E. Gerrtzen, M. Hull, H. Verbeek, et al. 2019

Community and Care

Research focused on ways to prevent and avoid isolation and loneliness with activity and socialisation.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Aging, Neurophyschology, and Cognition The role of social and behavioral risk factors in explaining racial disparities in age-related cognitive impairment: a structured narrative review R Peterson, M. Fain, E. Butler, et al. 2019
Experimental Aging Research Health Benefits of Social Participation Interventions among Community-Dwelling Older Persons: A Review Article A. Ibrahim, M. Tan. G. Teoh, et al. 2021
Educational Gerontology Aging in community: home- and community-based services clients’ use of computers as a protective factor for social isolation and loneliness K. Nilsen, L. Medvene, S. Dodoo, et al. 2018
Activities, Adaptation & Aging Loneliness in Old Age: Interventions to Curb Loneliness in Long-Term Care Facilities R. Brimelow & J. Wollin. 2017
Clinical Gerontologist Feasibility of a Dementia-Focused Person-Centered Communication Intervention for Home Care Workers M. Savundranayagam, S. Basque & K. Johnson. 2019
Aging & Mental Health Navigating the new normal: accessing community and institutionalised care for dementia during COVID-19 C. Giebel, K. Hanna, S. Callaghan, et al. 2021
Journal of Gerontological Social Work Providing Care for Persons with Dementia in Rural Communities: Informal Caregivers' Perceptions of Supports and Services A. Gibson, S. Holmes, N. Fields, et al. 2019
Journal of Aging & Social Policy The Distribution of Regulation in Aged and Dementia Care: A Continuum Approach A. Carr & S. Biggs. 2018
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education College students’ and community members’ attitudes toward dementia: The impact of dementia friends sessions T. Cowan. 2021
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Sing for the Moment: A Choral Ensemble for Persons with Dementia and Their Care Partners A. Young, R. Cornacchio & R. Hamon. 2019

Supporting Caregivers

Research which examines the effect on caregivers and ways to educate and support these necessary carers.

Journal Title Authors Year Published
Journal of Communication in Healthcare Using social media to disseminate education about Alzheimer’s prevention & treatment: a pilot study on Alzheimer's Universe (www.AlzU.org) Richard S. Isaacson, Alon Seifan, Candace L. Haddox et al. 2018
Aging, Neurophyschology, and Cognition Differences in cognitive performance between informal caregivers and non-caregivers F. Falzarano & K. Siedlecki. 2020
Experimental Aging Research Contributors and Moderators of Quality of Life in Caregivers of Alzheimer´s Disease Patients M. Pereira, A. Abreu, D. Rego, et al. 2021
Educational Gerontology Effects of a dementia dietary educational program on nutritional knowledge and healthy eating behavior of family caregivers H. Hsiao, C. Chang. N. Chen, et al. 2020
Activities, Adaptation & Aging The Effects of Brief Mindfulness Training on Caregivers' Well-Being S. Hoppes, H. Bryce, C. Hellman, et al. 2021
Clinical Gerontologist What Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia Affect Caregiver Burnout? K. Hiyoshi-Taniguchi, C. Becker & A. Kinoshita. 2017
Aging & Mental Health Gender effects on components of burden and depression among dementia caregivers S. Pillemer, J. Davis & G. Tremont. 2017
Journal of Gerontological Social Work Dementia Caregiving Outcomes: The Impact of Caregiving Onset, Cognitive Impairment and Behavioral Problems K. Nikzad-Terhune, J. Gaugler & J. Jacobs-Lawson. 2019
Journal of Aging & Social Policy Perceptions of Family Caregivers of Home-Dwelling Persons with Dementia regarding Access to Information and Involvement in Decisions N. Kenriksen, J. Moholt & B. Blix. 2019
Gerontology & Geriatrics Education Empowering the dementia care workforce to manage behavioral symptoms of dementia: Development and training outcomes from the VOICE Dementia Care Program B. Karlin, D. Young & K. Dash. 2016
Journal of Intergenerational Relationships Fear of Incompetence in Intergenerational Relationships with a Family Member with Dementia A. Miron, A. Thompson, A. Bagley, et al. 2019

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