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Advances in Vaccine Manufacturing Technology

"Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy" Special Issue

The success of immunization programs undertaken by health agencies and governments has led to increased immunization cover and childhood morbidity and mortality have fallen. Large scale immunizations have aided in improving the socio-economic conditions in many countries by preventing diseases, reducing the healthcare costs and improving quality of life. The evolution of vaccines and vaccine production methods are intimately tied to each other.

Vaccine manufacturing is a fine balance and optimization at various stages of development right from antigen development, expression, purification and formulations. Even the most basic manufacturing steps necessary to produce vaccines in a manner that is safe, effective, and consistent over the life cycle of a vaccine are difficult to execute. Outcomes can vary widely due to the nearly infinite combinations of biological variability in raw materials, the microorganism itself, the environmental condition of the microbial culture, and the steps involved in the purification processes. Subtle changes in the production process may alter the final product and change its purity, safety, or efficacy. To add to the complexity, the methods used to analyze the biological processes and antigens resulting from vaccine production often have high inherent variability. This compounded risk of biological and physical variability makes vaccine manufacturing more challenging than typical small molecule pharmaceuticals.

As vaccine technologies have advanced, the methods to produce and analyze them have advanced in parallel. This special issue focuses on advances in the vaccine antigen/adjuvant development, their expression systems, purification platforms, and other processes. Advances in formulation technologies for stabilization of antigen, process, clinical, and assay development will also be covered in this issue.

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Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy

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Editorial Information

Guest Editors:

Rikhav P. Gala, Ph.D
Vaccines Formulation Development, Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology, Newark, DE, USA

Javier O. Morales, Ph.D
1. Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, School of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
2. Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS), Santiago, Chile


Hugh Smyth, Ph.D

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