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Call for Column Contributions

Advances in Library Data & Collection Access

The International Information & Library Review is currently seeking articles and proposals for the journal’s “Advances in Library Data and Collection Access” column.

The overall mission of the International Information and Library Review is the provision of knowledge that will assist in the success of libraries and information-related institutions around the world. Based on a global perspective, the International Information and Library Review publishes current and anecdotal information for library and information professionals and paraprofessionals in public, academic, special, government, and corporate environments.

The “Advances in Library Data and Collection Access” column examines technological advances internal and external to libraries. The focus is on how library data is created and used. The strength of the column is its broad, international focus and contributors are encouraged to explore issues and recent advances in information technology relevant to their geographical region, as well as the larger, global audience. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

● Advances in information technology and systems, including discovery systems
● Library resources usage statistics and patterns of use
● Data driven collection development and management
● Bibliographic control, including descriptive cataloging, subject cataloging, authorities, and the management and maintenance of library data
● The use and/or development of encoding schema, including MARC, Dublin Core, and BIBFRAME
● The development and application of library-related standards
● Advances in activities or technologies needed for digital curation and digital preservation, including cost models and long-term funding considerations
● Evaluation of systems, practices, or approaches used to house library data
● Innovations in library data and systems

The International Information & Library Review

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Submission guidelines

Interested authors are invited to submit proposals and articles to the column editor at alamothe@laurentian.ca. Articles should be at least 3,500 words and written in Word.

For more information about the International Information & Library Review including complete submission instructions, please visit the journal’s webpage.