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From a wide range of books and eBooks to award-winning digital products, Taylor & Francis brings leading digital resources to academic and institutional libraries around the globe.

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  • Freemium access to two new Routledge Resources Online products: Medieval Studies and Renaissance World


Help us shape our next CHOICE case study

Are you a librarian who has strong relationships with faculty? Are you a faculty member who has strong relationships with librarians? Is your academic library making targeted improvements to collections and discoverability services? If so, we would like to know which topics you are interested in!

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Support your researchers with high-impact content

Taylor & Francis publishes over 2,200 journals that deliver crucial research in the fields of social sciences, humanities, science, technology, and medicine. Meet a broad range of user needs with current content published since 1997 and complementary archive content published before 1997.

Discover how researchers use archival materials to inform modern research by downloading our white paper: “The Past Informs The Future”

Build and subscribe to a custom bundle of collections or choose from our curated subject libraries. Don’t forget about our complementary archives, which are available for one-time purchase. Speak with our sales representatives about expanding your digital library!

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    Increase the impact of your institution’s research

    F1000 partners with organizations around the world to provide tailored open access publishing solutions. We work with librarians to support their institutional goals and help researchers with open publishing. We do this through:

    • Platforms: Bespoke publishing venues for research communities, powered by F1000

    • Gateways: Branded research hubs for an institution’s content, on an F1000 Platform

    • Collections: Groups of Research Articles on a topic or area of interest, on an F1000 Platform

    • Book a call to discuss content bundles where organizations pre-pay for their researchers’ future publications on an F1000 Platform

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    For more information on how to support open research, download our guide: ‘3 ways librarians can support open research at their institution’

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