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Taylor & Francis Group Computer Science Titles

共聚图灵大会 助力计算机研究

作为全球领先的学术出版集团,Taylor & Francis Group 在计算机科学研究领域著述丰硕,不仅拥有以世界知名科技类出版品牌CRC Press 为有力依托的理论、教育类经典图书,同时也拥有众多高影响力的国际学术期刊及电子资源,是计算机科学研究和实践应用中不可或缺的重要参考来源。

Recommended by CCF

International Journal of Geographical Information Science

数据库、数据挖掘、内容检索    C类

2020 IF:4.186   JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:8.2

IJGIS publishes innovative research on GIScience applications in natural resources and social systems, and developments in computer science and cartography.

Aims and Scope

Human-Computer Interaction

人机交互与普适计算    B类

2020 IF:4.75     JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:8.9

Human-Computer Interaction publishes research on interaction Science and system design, looking at how people learn and use computer systems.

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

人机交互与普适计算    B类

2020 IF:3.353   JCR Q2    2020 CiteScore:4.7

Publishes research on interactive computing (cognitive and ergonomic), digital accessibility, user experience, haptics and the sociology of the internet.

Aims and Scope

Behaviour & Information Technology

人机交互与普适计算    C类

2020 IF:3.086   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 4.5

Publishes research on usability and user experience, human centred interaction, human-centred and user-centred design, and human aspects of the digital world.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence

人工智能    C类

2020 IF:2.340     2020 CiteScore:5.0

Publishes theoretical and applied research on artificial intelligence, including cognitive science, games, learning, perception and memory and neural modeling.

Aims and Scope

Connection Science

人工智能    C类

2020 IF:1.971   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 3.2 

Focuses on aspects of Computer Science which explore the convergence of analytic and synthetic sciences, including artificial intelligence and neuroscience.

Aims and Scope

Cybernetics and Systems

交叉/综合/新兴    C类

2020 IF:1.879     2020 CiteScore:3.0

Presents research on cybernetics, systems theory, complexity research and applications of cybernetics and systems methods in science, humanities and technology.

Aims and Scope

Key Journals

Virtual & Physical Prototyping

2020 IF:8.092    JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:15.5

Publishes in the field of virtual and rapid prototyping, covering topics like design for additive manufacturing, 4D printing and hybrid manufacturing.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Management Information Systems

2020 IF:7.8    JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:10.5

JMIS is a widely recognized top-tier forum for the presentation of research that advances the understanding and practice of organizational information systems.Placed by Financial Times on list for Top 50 Journals for Business Schools

Aims and Scope

Information Technology For Development

2020 IF:4.25     JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:5.7

Research on the effects of information technology on economic, social and human development including ethics, digital innovation and medical informatics.

Aims and Scope

Vehicle System Dynamics

2020 IF:4.665    JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:7

Publishes research on dynamics of vehicle systems, including vehicle behaviour, parameter identification and vehicle interactions. Official journal of the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD).

Aims and Scope

The Information Society

2020 IF:4.571     JCR Q1    2020 CiteScore:4.8

Publishes research on the Information Age, transborder data flow, regulation, information policy and impact of information on organizational performance.

Aims and Scope

Enterprise Information Systems

2020 IF:4.35   JCR Q2    2020 CiteScore:6.4

Publishes on the theory and applications of enterprise information systems, from architecture and design to modelling and integration.

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Digital Earth

2020 IF:3.538     JCR Q2    2020 CiteScore:6.6

The journal is a response to the Digital Earth initiative and focuses on the theories, technologies, applications and societal implications of Digital Earth.Official Journal of the International Society for Digital Earth.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Global Information Technology Management

2020 IF:3.519   JCR Q2    2020 CiteScore:2.6

Publishes articles on the application of information technology for international business, covering e-commerce, privacy & security, data flow issues and more.

Aims and Scope

Artificial Intelligence

Applied Artificial Intelligence

2020 IF:1.58   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 2.8    Aims and Scope

Spatial Cognition & Computation

2020 IF:0.889   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 5.2    Aims and Scope

Advanced Robotics

2020 IF:1.699   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 3.3    Aims and Scope

Control And Systems Engineering

International Journal of Control

2020 IF:2.888   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 5.1    Aims and Scope

International Journal of General Systems

2020 IF:2.08   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 3.4    Aims and Scope

International Journal of Systems Science

2020 IF:2.281   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 4.9    Aims and Scope


2020 IF:1.156   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 2.8    Aims and Scope



2020 IF:2.778   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 4.7    Aims and Scope

International Journal Of Occupational Safety And Ergonomics

2020 IF:2.141   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 3.6    Aims and Scope

General Engineering

Journal of Computer Information Systems

2020 IF:3.4   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 5    Aims and Scope

Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers

2020 IF:1.144   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 1.8    Aims and Scope

Information Technology

Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce

2020 IF:2.571   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 3.9    Aims and Scope


2020 IF:0.933   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 3.4    Aims and Scope

Information Systems Management

2020 IF:2.098   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 3.4    Aims and Scope

New Review of Hypermedia & Multimedia

2020 IF:0.63   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 2.2    Aims and Scope

Applied Mathematics

International Journal of Computer Mathematics

2020 IF:1.931   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 3    Aims and Scope

Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems

2020 IF:0.945   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 1.9    Aims and Scope

Manufacturing Engineering

International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

2020 IF:3.205   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 6.4    Aims and Scope

INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research

2020 IF:1.588   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 1.9    Aims and Scope



2020 IF:2.36   JCR  Q1   2020 CiteScore: 2.9    Aims and Scope

Optimization Methods and Software

2020 IF:2.152   JCR  Q1   2020 CiteScore: 3.5    Aims and Scope

Statistics & Probability

Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

2020 IF:2.302   JCR  Q2   2020 CiteScore: 4.5    Aims and Scope

Journal of Applied Statistics

2020 IF:1.404   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 1.9    Aims and Scope

Journal of Statistical Computation & Simulation

2020 IF:2.424   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 1.9    Aims and Scope


Studies In Science Education

2020 IF:3.417   JCR  Q1   2020 CiteScore: 7    Aims and Scope

Journal of Information Display

2020 IF:2.913   JCR  Q3   2020 CiteScore: 5.9    Aims and Scope

Research In Science & Technological Education

2020 IF:1.54   JCR  Q4   2020 CiteScore: 2.9    Aims and Scope

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