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Thank you for another brilliant year at AAA/CASCA. Check out our highlights video on Twitter and see if you can spot yourself! 

Youtube Video of AAA Annual Meeting Highlights
Daniel Knight and David Henig, Editors from History and Anthropology

Meet The Editors Interview

We sat down with Daniel Knight and David Henig, Editors from History and Anthropology, for a short interview and they gave us a brief overview of their journal, what they look for in submissions, and their top tips for submitting for the first time.

You will be taken to a page asking you to register and log in to Taylor & Francis Online (it's free and only takes a minute!). Once logged in you can then enjoy free access to up to 20 articles (allowances) from the Anthropology/Archaeology journals. Once activated via the button above, the offer will be tied to your account and will remain valid for remaining allowances any time you log back into your account.

At the point of access on an article page a pop-up will confirm the number of remaining allowances open to you and ask if you wish to use one to access the content. Choosing ‘yes’ will then take you to the full html version or pdf of the article. Please note, your access to the free article will be limited to 14 days. 

The token will expire after the 20 allowances are used up and needs to be activated by 31st March 2020

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Discover Research on The Medical Anthropology of Climate Change

Given the theme of this year's AAA/CASCA Annual Conference, we thought you might be interested in this recent article collection from Medical Anthropology, containing seven free access articles about The Medical Anthropology of Climate Change: Eco-Risks and the Body Environmental. Three of the articles being specifically concerned with climate change and its impact on the quality of life on our planet. 

Wind Turbine
Diabetes Testing

Discover Research on The Anthropology of Diabetes

Get an insight into the impact and implications of this serious disease by reading the following research from Medical Anthropology, made free for AAA. The ethnographic articles in this virtual special issue show how in diverse contexts people make sense of the increased rates of this disabling disease, how treatment and lifestyle advice are understood, and how the disease impacts families and communities.

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Anthropology & Archeology of Eurasia

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Food, Culture & Society

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