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Our aim is to provide you with access to timely information that puts research into action and advances knowledge among communities. Our journals are published upholding industry standard ethical publishing practices, including following guidelines set out by the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) ensuring quality research to aid insights for your organization.

We publish articles written by industry leading organizations as well as world class researchers. Access to our collection ensures that your organisation stays at the forefront of innovation within your industry.


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Taylor & Francis are publishers of quality, peer-reviewed journals. Our aim is to provide the most current research, developments, and opportunities.

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Get the most out of your research with our leading publications in research & development

International Journal of Production Research

The International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), published since 1961, is a well-established, highly successful and leading journal reporting manufacturing, production and operations management research.

2018 Impact Factor 3.199 ©2018 Clarivate Analytics, 2017 Journal Citation Reports®

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Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation publishes the results of research and development in the underlying theory, novel techniques and applications of nondestructive testing and evaluation in the form of letters, original papers and review articles.

2018 Impact Factor 1.735 ©2018 Clarivate Analytics, 2018 Journal Citation Reports®

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Research-Technology Management

RTM is the leading peer-reviewed journal focused on the practice of innovation. We publish articles that map the cutting edge in R&D management, illustrate how management theory can be applied to real-world challenges, and give R&D managers the tools to promote innovation throughout their organizations. RTM publishes both quantitative and rigorous qualitative work, including case studies, descriptions of new practical models, and paradigms for understanding and fostering innovation.

2018 Impact Factor 1.407 ©2018 Clarivate Analytics, 2018 release of the Journal Citation Reports®

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Industry and Innovation

Industry and Innovation is an international refereed journal presenting high-quality original scholarship of the dynamics of industries and innovation. Interdisciplinary in nature, Industry and Innovation is informed by, and contributes in turn to, advancing the theoretical frontier within economics, management, sociology, and economic geography.

2018 Impact Factor 3.157 Journal Citation Reports©, Clarivate Analytics, 2018

Journal Homepage

Asian Journal of Technology Innovation

Asian Journal of Technology Innovation is a journal devoted to innovation management, innovation policy and R&D issues with a focus on Asia.

2018 Impact Factor 0.706 Ranking: 137/147 (Business), 284/363 (Economics) Journal Citation Reports©, Clarivate Analytics, 2018

Journal Homepage


Innovation: Organization & Management publishes outstanding research on innovation within and across organizations. The Journal addresses scholars in management, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, organizational theory and organizational behavior, and welcomes manuscripts grounded in diverse disciplinary, theoretical and methodological traditions. The Journal publishes both empirical and theoretical contributions that are highly relevant and methodologically robust.

2018 Impact Factor 1.429 Journal Citation Reports©, Clarivate Analytics, 2018

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