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Most Read Collection from the IOM3

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We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from the IOM3's publications. Each featured article is free to view, exclusively via this page, until the end of 2021. 




Applied Earth Science
Article Author
Parameters for the formation of orogenic gold deposits Damien Gaboury
Litho-structural controls on orogenic gold deposits within the Sandstone greenstone belt, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: implications for exploration targeting Allan Trench, Michael Dentith, J. P. Sykes, David I. Groves, John P. Sykes, Jonathan G. Standing, Rhys S. Davies
Knowledge-driven mineral prospectivity modelling in areas with glacial overburden: porphyry Cu exploration in Quesnellia, British Columbia, Canada Michael G. Gadd, Peter Tschirhart, Benoit M. Saumur, Pedro Acosta-Gongora, Rebecca M. Montsion, Victoria Tschirhart
Automated lithological classification using UAV and machine learning on an open cast mine F. Beretta, J. F. C. L. Costa, R. L. Peroni, A. L. Rodrigues
Modelling of bauxite seam attributes and quantifying in-situ ore volume uncertainty in the presence of geophysical information D Renard, Didier Renard, Lachlan McAndrew, Oktay Erten
International Materials Reviews
Article Author
Brazing filler metals Jack Willingham, Matthew Way, Russell Goodall
Cementite Harry Bhadeshia, H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia
A review of recent work on discharge characteristics during plasma electrolytic oxidation of various metals Samuel Christopher Troughton, Trevor William Clyne, T. W. Clyne
Degradation of optical materials in solid-state lighting systems G. Q. Zhang, X. J. Fan, J. L. Davis, M. Yazdan Mehr, A. Bahrami, W. D. van Driel
Wood-based biochar for the removal of potentially toxic elements in water and wastewater: a critical review Sabry M. Shaheen ,Nabeel Khan Niazi, Noha E. E. Hassan, Irshad Bibi, Hailong Wang, Daniel C. W. Tsang ,Yong Sik Ok, Nanthi Bolan & Jörg Rinklebe
Ironmaking & Steelmaking
Article Author
Lowering iron losses during slag removal in hot metal desulphurisation without using fluoride Fuzhong Ji, Jilt Sietsma, Y. Yang, Adam Hunt, Yongxiang Yang, Alison Tuling, Elisabeth M. Beunder, Liesbeth Beunder, Peter Warren, Rhian Woolf, Frank N. H. Schrama, Rob Boom
Thermodynamic evaluation for reduction of iron oxide ore particles in a high temperature drop tube furnace Christiaan Zeilstra, Y. Yang, Jan van der Stel, Yingxia Qu, Yongxiang Yang, Jilt Sietsma, Zhiyuan Chen
Monitoring of less-common residual elements in scrap feeds for EAF steelmaking Andrea Fontana, Augusta Martinelli Miranda, Gabriela Paula da Costa Moreira, Geoffrey Brooks, et al.
Review and data evaluation for high-temperature reduction of iron oxide particles in suspension Christiaan Zeilstra, Jan van der Stel, Zhiyuan Chen, Jilt Sietsma, Y. Yang, Yongxiang Yang
The influence of alloy composition on the as-cast grain structure in near net shape low-density steels Neil Hollyhoke, Claire Davis, Carl Slater
Science and Technology of Welding and Joining
Article Author
Reduction of the hot cracking susceptibility of laser beam welds in AlMgSi alloys by increasing the number of grain boundaries Daniel Weller, Rudolf Weber, Thomas Graf, Christian Hagenlocher
Characterisation of 4043 aluminium alloy deposits obtained by wire and arc additive manufacturing using a Cold Metal Transfer process Mehdi Salem, Arturo Gomez Ortega, Arturo Gomez Ortega, F. Deschaux-Beaume, et al.
‘Cold spray +’ as a new hybrid additive manufacturing technology: a literature review Wenya Li, Xiawei Yang, Yaxin Xu, X.W. Yang, Congcong Cao, Feifan Wang, Guoqing Wang
Functionally graded structures of refractory metals by wire arc additive manufacturing Heather Lewtas, Stewart Williams, Filomeno Martina, Gianrocco Marinelli, David Hancock, Supriyo Ganguly
Printability of 316 stainless steel T. Mukherjee, T DebRoy, T. DebRoy
Surface Engineering
Article Author
A review on coronavirus survivability on material’s surfaces: present research scenarios, technologies and future directions A. Carmel Mary Esther, Arjun Dey, A. K. Mukhopadhyay, A. Dey, Anoop Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Mohammed Adnan Hasan
Effect of TiN-deposition on adhesion characteristics of aluminium Pradeep Kumar, Shantanu Bhowmik, S. Bhowmik, Sabbir Ahmed, K. Sudheendra, Sastha Kumar, Yadu Krishnan
Polysilazane-based coatings: corrosion protection and anti-graffiti properties† F. Deflorian, Michele Fedel, M. Fedel, S. Rossi
A perspective review on the bonding mechanisms in cold gas dynamic spray Antonio Viscusi, Felice Rubino, Antonello Astarita, Roberta Della Gatta, A. Viscusi
Surface engineering of personal protective equipments (PPEs) to prevent the contagious infections of SARS-CoV-2 Lalit M. Pandey
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