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Most Read Collection from the Operational Research Society

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We are pleased to bring you this Most Read Collection of articles from the Operational Research Society's publications. Each featured article is free to view, exclusively via this page, until the end of 2021. 




Journal of the Operational Research Society
Article Author
Improving productivity in Hollywood with data science: Using emotional arcs of movies to drive product and service innovation in entertainment industries Marco Del Vecchio, Alexander Kharlamov, Glenn Parry & Ganna Pogrebna
Optimal package pricing in healthcare services Tushar Tanwar, U. Dinesh Kumar & Navonil Mus
Computational approaches and data analytics in financial services: A literature review Dimitris Andriosopoulos, Michalis Doumpos, Panos M. Pardalos & Constantin Zopounidis
Combining Soft Systems Methodology, ethnographic observation, and discrete-event simulation: A case study in cancer Guillaume Lamé, Oualid Jouini & Julie Stal-Le Cardinal
Carbon emission abatement quota allocation in Chinese manufacturing industries: An integrated cooperative game data envelopment analysis approach Feng Li, Ali Emrouznejad, Guo-liang Yang & Yongjun Li
Journal of Business Analytics
Article Author
Research challenges and opportunities in business analytics Dursun Delen & Sudha Ram
Defining business analytics: an empirical approach D. J. Power, C. Heavin, J. McDermott & M. Daly
From analytics to artificial intelligence Thomas H. Davenport
Business analytics and firm performance: role of structured financial statement data Vincent Whitelock
Classifying facts and opinions in Twitter messages: a deep learning-based approach Swayambhu Chatterjee, Shuyuan Deng, Jun Liu, Ronghua Shan & Wu Jiao
European Journal of Information Systems
Article Author
An affordance perspective of team collaboration and enforced working from home during COVID-19 Lena Waizenegger, Brad McKenna, Wenjie Cai & Taino Bendz
Information systems in the age of pandemics: COVID-19 and beyond Pär J Ågerfalk, Kieran Conboy & Michael D Myers
What drives unverified information sharing and cyberchondria during the COVID-19 pandemic? Samuli Laato, A. K. M. Najmul Islam, Muhammad Nazrul Islam & Eoin Whelan
A multi-level influence model of COVID-19 themed cybercrime Rennie Naidoo
One app to trace them all? Examining app specifications for mass acceptance of contact-tracing apps Simon Trang, Manuel Trenz, Welf H. Weiger, Monideepa Tarafdar & Christy M.K. Cheung
Journal of Simulation
Article Author
How simulation modelling can help reduce the impact of COVID-19 Christine S.M. Currie, John W. Fowler, Kathy Kotiadis, Thomas Monks, Bhakti Stephan Onggo, Duncan A. Robertson & Antuela A. Tako
Modelling the impact of COVID-19 on elective waiting times Richard M Wood
Towards generic modelling of hospital wards: Reuse and redevelopment of simple models M.L. Penn, T. Monks, A.A. Kazmierska & M.R.A.R. Alkoheji
FACS: a geospatial agent-based simulator for analysing COVID-19 spread and public health measures on local regions Imran Mahmood, Hamid Arabnejad, Diana Suleimenova, Isabel Sassoon, Alaa Marshan, Alan Serrano-Rico, Panos Louvieris, Anastasia Anagnostou, Simon J E Taylor, David Bell & Derek Groen
Spatial impact of automated driving in urban areas Martijn F. Legêne, Willem L. Auping, Gonçalo Homem de Almeida Correia & Bart van Arem
Knowledge Management Research & Practice
Article Author
Leveraging social capital in university-industry knowledge transfer strategies: a comparative positioning framework Jeandri Robertson, Ian P McCarthy & Leyland Pitt
Influencing factors of knowledge collaboration effects in knowledge alliances Qiang Cheng & Yanru Chang
COVID-19: a knowledge and learning perspective Nicole Tovstiga & George Tovstiga
Organisational learning for the common good: an emerging model Francesca Ricciardi, Valter Cantino & Cecilia Rossignoli
Knowledge management and hybridity of institutional logics in public sector Harri Laihonen & Petra Kokko
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