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2018 Virtual Special Issue

Names: A Journal of Onomastics

This virtual special issue of Names spans 65 years, with articles from the journal's earliest to the most recent issues. From critical examinations of the socio-political ramifications of pervasive epithets to in-depth explorations of names and naming in popular fiction, this collection, like the field of onomastics, is as thought-provoking as it is wide-ranging.

All articles below are free to read via this page only until 31 December 2019. Enjoy.


Article TitleAuthorVolume Issue
Squaw Teats*, Harney Peak, and Negrohead Creek*: A Corpus-Linguistic Investigation of Proposals to Change Official US Toponymy to (Dis)honor Indigenous US AmericansI. M. NickVolume 65 Issue 4 (2017)
What Makes the Names of Middle-earth So Fitting? Elements of Style in the Namecraft of J. R. R. TolkienChristopher L RobinsonVolume 61 Issue 2 (2013)
Influence of Names on Career Choices in MedicineErnest L AbelVolume 58 Issue 2 (2010)
Dear Rin Tin Tin: An Analysis of William Safire’s Dog-Naming Survey from 1985Stanley BrandesVolume 60 Issue 1 (2012)
Approaches to Research in ToponymyJan TentVolume 63 Issue 2 (2015)
Calling the Dog: The Sources of AKC Breed NamesAngela G. RayVolume 43 Issue 1 (1995)
Names and Naming Tell an Archetypal Story in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's TaleCharlotte TemplinVolume 41 Issue 3 (1993)
Unforgettable: The Lives and Passing of Three US American Onomastic IconsI. M. NickVolume 65 Issue 1 (2017)
Personal Names as Social Protest: The Status of African Political NamesRobert K. HerbertVolume 47 Issue 2 (1999)
Epic World-Building: Names and Cultures in DuneKara KennedyVolume 64 Issue 2 (2016)
Is a Theory of Names Possible?John AlgeoVolume 58 Issue 2 (2010)
A Classification of Place NamesGeorge R. StewartVolume 2 Issue 1 (1954)
Cracker: The History of a Southeastern Ethnic, Economic, and Racial EpithetJohn Solomon OttoVolume 35 Issue 1 (1987)
Mestizísmo: The Onomastics of Cultures in Contact in Mexico and MesoamericaLeonard R. N. AshleyVolume 24 Issue 3 (1976)
The Origin of Jewish Family NamesZvonko R. RodeVolume 24 Issue 3 (1976)
GI Place Name in three Sectors of KoreaHood RobertsVolume 7 Issue 1 (1959)
The Source of “Ku Klux”William E. MocklerVolume 3 Issue 1 (1955)
Random Notes on the Names of PeopleWilliam SaroyanVolume 1 Issue 4 (1953)


Table of Contents for Names. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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