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Women's Suffrage Centennial Article Collection

Women’s History Review

Women’s History Review has published a plethora of articles on the women’s suffrage campaign over the years, especially in Edwardian Britain, and we are proud to present this online Special Issue on the topic. The key aim of our journal has always been to publish articles on women’s gendered lives as all too often women have been hidden from history. 

On 6th February 1918, success came in Britain to those (including some men) who had campaigned for the vote when the Representation of the People Act received the Royal Assent. The Act enfranchised women aged thirty and over who were householders, the wives of householders, occupiers of property of £5 or more annual value, or university graduates. To celebrate this achievement, which at long last broke the sex discrimination against any woman – whether a duchess or a servant – from exercising the vote, we have chosen a range of the articles published in Women’s History Review over many years. 

Women had to wait another ten years before they could vote on equal terms with men, and even today, the struggle for full gender equality in all walks of life, a key demand especially of the suffragettes, remains elusive.  The high hopes of the women’s suffrage campaigners have not yet been fully realised. 

June Purvis
Editor of Women’s History Review
Emeritus Professor of Women’s & Gender History
University of Portsmouth

Militant Women: Strategies and Consequences

Resistance: Opposition to Female Suffrage

Resistance: Opposition to Female Suffrage

Article TitleAuthor
‘The Injustice of the Woman's Vote’: Opposition to female suffrage after World War IFlorence Binard
Mary Augusta Ward (Mrs Humphry) and the opposition to women's suffrageMaroula Joannou
Women resisting the vote: A case of anti feminism?Martine Faraut

Women's Suffrage Around the Globe

Writing and Re-writing Women's History

Constructions of memory: Reflections on the Suffragette Movement

Women's History Review

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